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Your Android Phone Won’t Charge?

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Most people don’t bother to think about charging their phones. They just plug in the cable, and then they stop charging. “.

You don’t need to rush to a repair shop immediately if this happens. The problem could be simple. Most often, the problem of your phone not charging after plugging in can be solved at home.

These are some solutions to help your Android phone not charge.

1. Reboot Your Phone

Instead of frantically searching Google “Why won’t my smartphone charge”, try turning off your phone and then on again. Sometimes, a simple connection problem is what causes your phone to not charge when it is plugged in. A reboot is the best thing to do to rule out temporary glitches.

Your phone’s background services will be killed and your problem with mobile charging solved by a restart. Restarting your phone will also reset the core components of your device in case any one of them has crashed during a task. Simply hold down the power button, then tap the Start option.

Your problem will be solved if your phone charges normally after a reboot.

2. Put your phone in safe mode

If your phone won’t charge even after a reboot, you can try booting it in safe mode. Safe mode, which is basically a sandboxed environment, restricts your phone’s functionality to the original software that it came with. Safe mode will not allow you to run any third-party applications that you have downloaded.

You can charge your phone in safe mode if you are able to. After you have confirmed this, you can look at any recent apps that you downloaded. You could have a charging issue with one of these apps.

You can try uninstalling any apps that you aren’t sure about or haven’t used in a while. Next, reboot your phone and check if it charges.

For most Android devices, hold down the power button to enter safe mode. At the prompt, touch the Power Off button. Your phone will be reinstated in safe mode shortly after you accept the prompt. You can exit the safe mode by simply restarting your phone.

You might have a different process because not all Android skins work the same. For safe mode, you can visit the support site for your device.

3. Switch to a different cable/socket/adapter

You may still be scratching your head and wondering why my phone isn’t charging. If you’re still scratching your head and wondering “Why is my phone not charging?”, it’s time to look at your cable. The adapter may have failed to function properly, or the charging cable could have a loose connection.

You can test your phone by charging it with a different cable or adapter to rule out a bad cable. Connecting your phone via USB to a computer is the best way to determine if your cable is to blame.

You can reduce the problem down to the adapter or socket if your phone can charge using a PC. If an alternative cable failed to work, you can invest in a brand-new one. We recommend buying original accessories from the manufacturer or trusted third-party brands like Anker. Avoid junky knockoffs.

4. You must ensure that it is not a software bug

This could indicate a software problem. Ampere, an app that will let you know if your phone is getting enough power, can be installed.

Ampere allows you to see how much your phone’s charging or discharging current is at any given time. Ampere has a few other useful features that you may find helpful. It will tell you if your phone is in good condition and what the voltage is.

Once you have the Ampere app installed on your phone, connect it to a power source and then open the app to check if your phone is charging. You can try a hard reset or wait for an OS upgrade if your phone charges.

Your Samsung phone may not be charging, but it might have a software problem. You can update your OS or perform a factory reset.

You don’t have to install Ampere, but you can test the problem by turning off your phone and inserting the charging cable. The charging icon will appear on your phone’s screen if it is receiving power.

5. Clean the Charging Port

The Ampere app may not show any charge on your phone. This could indicate that there is debris in your charging port. Dust particles can build up quickly in the charging port and cause your phone to lose its connection to a power source.

If you find dirt or grime on your phone’s charging port, take it to the cleaners. This can be done easily with a cotton swab. Use a gentle touch and avoid ramming any items into the charging outlet.

A flashlight can be used to get a better view of the port. You can clean the port with a SIM ejector or toothpick if you find any foreign objects. Give your phone a thorough cleaning and then charge it again.

6. Is your phone susceptible to water damage?

Electrics and water don’t mix. Even waterproof phones require special care in order to keep them watertight. It’s likely that your phone isn’t charging because it has become wet.

If there is a chance of water damage to your phone, you should not charge it at all. You must first ensure that your phone’s internals remains dry.

There are many ways to save a phone that has been submerged in water. There are many options to save a phone that has been submerged in water. You can use a hairdryer to blow hot air on it, or you can put it in a bowl with rice. However, you will need to wait at most one day before plugging it back in.

Try plugging in your phone and seeing what happens after 24 hours. It may start charging again once the connections have dried.

7. Visit a Service Center

If all else fails you can always visit a service center to ask a professional why your device isn’t charging. You might be able to identify a problem that you missed or diagnose a hardware issue. Your warranty should still cover your phone so that you don’t have any additional costs for repairs. If not, you might have to replace the damaged component.

Why is my phone not charging? The problem can be fixed by you

Because so many components are involved in charging your phone’s battery it is becoming more common. This is especially true as smartphones get thinner and more foldable phones. These phones require extra care.

These tips should help you determine why your phone isn’t charging.

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