Where is the microphone on iPhone 11? (2024) Detailed Guide

where is the microphone on iphone 11?

The iPhone 11, released in 2019, has multiple built-in microphones that allow you to make calls, record audio, and use voice assistant features. This guide will show you step-by-step where is the microphone on iPhone 11.

Main Microphone for Calls and Recordings  

The main microphone you use for phone calls, FaceTime calls, voice memos, videos, and any other audio recording is at the bottom of your iPhone. 

Bottom Edge of iPhone  

Look at the bottom edge of your iPhone 11 when it is facing you. There is a small hole here, which is the main microphone. It is located on the right side of the charging port.  

Use this main microphone when making calls or recording your voice. Speak directly into the tiny hole at the bottom edge to ensure the best audio quality. The main mic picks up your voice clearly and allows calls, videos, and audio clips to detect what you’re saying without much outside noise interference.

Microphone for Video Recording

There is a secondary microphone at the back of your iPhone 11 specifically made for recording video with audio.  

Top Left of Rear Camera  

On the rear of your iPhone, you’ll see multiple camera lenses in a square bump. The secondary microphone sits at the top left of this camera bump.   

When recording video using the rear cameras, sound will be captured using this microphone. Its position allows it to pick up audio well while pointing the camera forward at something in front of you. The audio tends to be more directed as it’s closer to the rear lens which is the focus point.

Microphones for Noise Cancellation  

Your iPhone 11 has two other tiny microphones designed to help cancel out background noise on calls. By using these mics in addition to the main call microphone, environmental sounds can be muted so your voice is transmitted more clearly to the other person on the line.

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Top Front Facing Microphone  

At the very top front of your iPhone, closest to where notifications are shown, there is one small noise-cancelling microphone. This allows external noise on your end to be reduced when on calls. Higher frequency disturbance is captured well by this top mic.

Bottom Speaker Microphone 

Inside the bottom speaker, by the charging port, is the other noise-cancelling microphone. Between both of these microphones, environmental sounds are captured and subtracted from your voice on calls. Lower frequencies are better handled by the bottom mic.

So together, they detect outside disturbances across the frequency range. Your phone then removes these picked up sounds electronically while transmitting your natural voice through the main call microphone unaffected. This makes calls easier for both parties.

Microphones for Siri and Voice Control

Finally, two mics work together for your voice assistant, Siri. They allow Siri to hear you clearly when using the ‘Hey Siri’ command or asking something hands-free, even from across the room.  

Front Facing Camera Microphone

The front-facing camera and microphone at the top centre of the screen is one microphone used by Siri. Being near the front allows your voice to be captured when the phone is facing you.

Bottom Speaker Microphone  

The other is the noise-cancelling microphone inside the bottom speaker, discussed earlier. Between the bottom and top front mics, Siri can triangulate commands spoken and requests made.

With two microphones listening from different parts of the iPhone, Siri can easily hear ‘Hey Siri’ commands and subsequent instructions in most environments, even while music is playing. The combination of the mics allows your voice to be heard above ambient noise.

So, in total, your iPhone 11 has:  

1. Main microphone – bottom edge  

2. Video microphone – rear camera)  

3. Top noise cancellation microphone – top front)

4. Bottom noise cancellation microphone – bottom speaker)

5. Front camera Siri microphone – front facing camera  

6. Bottom speaker, Siri microphone – bottom speaker)

Knowing Where the Microphones Are

Your iPhone 11 uses multiple built-in microphones positioned at the bottom edge, rear camera, top front, bottom speaker, and front camera for different audio capture purposes.  

Knowing the exact locations of these mics allows you to:

– Speak clearly on phone calls and recordings by talking into the bottom main microphone  

– Capture better audio quality for videos by positioning rear camera mic near sound source

– Reduce background noise on calls using noise cancellation mics, detecting and then electronically subtracting ambient sounds

– Use Siri easily by having clear speaking setup with two always-on mics  

So the next time you make a call or ask Siri to do something, you’ll know which microphones are activated on your iPhone 11! Understanding where your mics are found gives you a better user experience in all situations involving speaking, recording videos, capturing audio, or controlling your phone via voice commands. With proper microphone placement already built into the iPhone 11, audio capture quality works well on its own, with no extra equipment needed in most use cases.

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