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Can You Wear Apple Watch On Ankle

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The Apple Watch is a countless friend for iPhone operators. You get announcements, regulator your repetition, and path your general fitness. Most individuals clothing it on their wrists, but… can you attire it on your ankle? Prepares it still amount steps when you attire it on the ankle

In this artefact, we’ll enlighten how to attire your Apple Watch on your ankle and if it is immobile precise when following health metrics.

Can I wear Apple Watch on my ankle? Or leg?

Theoretically, yes, you can wear Apple Watch on your ankle.

Though, you should know that Apple does not endorse wearing the Apple Watch wherever but the wrist.

Speciously the Apple Watch instruments and processes are calculated to work explicitly on the wrist, and wearing the Apple Watch on an ankle, leg, bicep, or somewhere else may not allow for exact readings of the devices, or smooth for the sensors to work at all.

Exactly, in rapports of wearable situation for Apple Watch, Apple says the subsequent:

That appears pretty conclusive, right? But this is since Apple calculated Apple Watch to be damaged on the wrist, and not somewhere else on the body, let alone the ankle.

Now, regardless of Apple saying not to wear the Apple Watch wherever but your wrist, there are still a lot of users who wear Apple Watch on their leg, ankle, or smooth bicep, and there are many foodstuffs and ankle bands for Apple Watch that are obtainable for acquisitions, where, conferring to the appraisals anyway, people are pleased with the knowledge and results of wearing the watch on their ankle.

A lot of reviews for Apple Watch ankle fastenings are from cherishes, doctors, and people in the healthcare arena, who want to pathway their steps and drive data, but they are not talented to wear watches for sanitation explanations.

There are many Apple Watch ankle crowds and leg crews available on Amazon and most are judiciously priced, so if you want to try an research yourself, you can do so starved of much promise.

How to Wear the Apple Watch on Your Ankle

Apple does not trade an authorized ankle fastening for its Apple Watch. You need to purchase

the ankle belt from a third-party vendor. (Like these from Amazon)

Here are the ladders on how to wear your Apple Watch on your ankle:

Step 1: Assign an Ankle Band to Your Apple Watch

Step 2: Confirm the Watch’s Sensors Directly Traces Your Skin

Step 3: Fit Your Ankle Strap Warmly

Don’t wear the watch too tight or loose; it can additional disturb its correctness.


Countless people deliberate the Apple Watch a meaningful savings for its biometric geographies are some of the best among wearables. Apple calculated it for your wrist not only because that’s where one classically attires a watch, but because it has a system of manners close to the skin. This makes it easy to path your vitals.

The fitness abilities of your Apple Watch are finished likely by numerous sensors and an accelerometer that events your program. Because the sensors are in the back of your watch, they necessity be in interaction with your covering to work efficiently.

These suitability sensors are predestined for your wrist and may not work 100% exactly when damaged on your ankle. If you’re considerate about wearing your watch everywhere your ankle, you may want to participate in a watch band openly calculated for your ankle.

The maximum significant thing is that the sensors on the back of the watch are in occupied connection with your skin, which resources your fastening should hold the watch strongly level in contradiction of the skin above the ankle.

Uniform then the sensors strength not work perfectly, so keep that in mind.

Will Apple Watch Calculation Steps on Ankle?

If you’re into consecutively, it’s value noting that wearing the watch on your ankle will quiet count your stages precisely. In fact, this metric is smallest pretentious when you opt not to wear the device on your wrist.

When your watch totals footsteps, it does not use the same sensors that it does in tracing heart rate, ECG, or any other fitness metrics. In its place, it uses GPS, which is genuine by wearing your watch in seats other than your wrist.

You can re-calibrate your Apple Watch to wear it on your ankle. Your fitness and trial stats will still appear as normal. But even if you do this, do not imagine 100% correctness, as the watch is principally intended for the wrist.

Why is wearing the Apple Watch on your ankle a bad idea?

Wearing the Apple Watch on your ankle isn’t unavoidably a bad idea, but it might not be the most operative at reading biometrics.

Also, tiring it on your ankle makes it solider to quickly answer calls or send a text message.

Not to reference you put it at a better risk of impairment by wearing it everywhere your ankle, particularly while you exercise.

Why Do People Wear Their Apple Watch On Ankle?

Now, this is one of the most significant questions. Why do people wear apple watches on their ankles as an alternative of their wrists? There are numerous legends related to this subject which are elucidated below:

To Get Better Accuracy

There is a legend that if you wear your apple watch on your ankle, you will accept more precise biometrics. This declaration is an complete myth. One thing that is calculated to be worn on the wrist can’t purpose healthier on the ankle.

Apple devotes Millions, if not Billions of $$ on investigation. Accordingly, you get a device that is practically faultless in terms of project and knowledge. Wearing a timepiece on your ankle means stimulating apple’s results which is ludicrous.

To Save It

Another delusion found normally amongst people is that their apple watch is improved threatened on their apple than on their wrists. Though, the realism is totally contradictory. By wearing it on your ankle, you are suggestively snowballing the number of possible dangers.

The probabilities of hitting and flouting your apple watch while on your ankle are dual that on your wrist.

This attractive much calculations up why you shouldn’t smooth think about wearing an apple watch on your ankle. And even if you are immobile resolute to wear the watch on your ankle, guarantee that the band fits appropriately.

Does Apple Watch offer an “ankle mode”?

This is a straight idea, but it does not currently happen.

Possibly in the future Apple will suggestion an ‘ankle mode’ setting, that uses diverse procedures and controls to account for the datum it is being shabby on the Ankle rather than on a wrist.

But, until then, Apple only commends wearing Apple Watch on your wrist.

Whether or not you choose to breakdown that rule is completely up to you, because clearly it can be done, but just retain in mind the correctness of dimensions may not be preserved.

Benefits of Wearing the Apple Watch on Your Ankle

You strength be requesting why approximately people wear an Apple Watch on their ankles. It might look strange at first, but there are particulars why some people take to do this.

Here are some assistances of wearing the Apple Watch on the ankle:

1. You Have Less Interruptions at Work

Some jobs limit their people from wearing any fittings like the Apple Watch for sanitary purposes. Some threatening jobs may also cause injury to the watch, so people select to avoid wearing one.

This condition is particularly true for healthcare labors. They need to be disinfected throughout their obligation. That is why healthcare labors with Apple Watches typically wear them on their ankles. They can still path their suitability data without negotiating on work sanitation.

2. You Have More Privacy on Your Apple Watch

Somebody prying on your iPhone or Apple Watch can be inconvenient. You can guarantee no one will see your announcements by wearing the Apple Watch on your ankle.

Wearing your watch on your ankle too makes it subtle. If you’re worried about someone compulsorily removing your watch, wearing it on the ankle might make it fewer nearby and, consequently, more protected.

Disadvantages of Wearing the Apple Watch on Your Ankle

Wearing your Apple Watch on your ankle has its reasonable share of difficulties:

Can’t Quickly Check Your Reports

Having more confidentiality with your Apple Watch has its difficulties. You cannot effortlessly check your announcements if you wear your watch on your ankle. You necessity sit down and boost your leg before examination your announcements.

This is why Apple commends wearing your Apple Watch on the wrist. Your announcements will show up once you turn your wrist.

2. You Can Get Inaccurate Health Stats

Apple intended the watch as a expedient for your wrist. The Apple Watch exactly notices your heart fitness and step sum stats finished your wrist. It can still check these stats on the ankle, but the consequences will not be the same.

For example, you want to checked your ECG with your Apple Watch. Your Apple Watch’s ECG will not work since you need to put your index digit on the watch’s peak. You will crook to reach your Apple Watch’s crown, which will seriously affect the results of the ECG.

Is your Apple Watch ECG not working? Find out the best methods to fix it.

3. The Watch Becomes More Prone to Harm

The Apple Watch’s lower location on your ankle disclosures it to knocks, predicaments, and impression, which it wasn’t calculated for. This growths the possible of your watch getting injury.

Wearing the watch on your ankle also bounds your workout choices. You cannot play interaction sports, as someone may unintentionally kick your legs and breakdown your Apple Watch.

Final Thoughts

All in all, you can select to wear the Apple Watch a few diverse ways.

Though, to get the most precise readouts, you will want to fastening it steadily onto your wrist in the normal situation.

Doing so makes the most sense if you are using the watch for chasing your biometric tendencies.

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