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There were approximately 2.2 billion app downloads in 2022, and some previous years have seen even higher numbers. The popularity of apps has exploded, and with advancements in technology, the...


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8 Modern Gadgets That Revolutionized Boating

Back in the day, boating was all about raw skill and navigating using the stars. Today, technology has stepped in, and I'm not just...

Check box

Check box, selection box, or tick box Check box, selection box and check box is an interactivity box that is operated in the hands of the user. It can mark the...

How can I repair the wheel on my mouse when it’s not functioning properly?

The wheel of a mouse or the roller at the top of the wheel mouse could malfunction, causing upward and down scrolling not to function. Here is...

Pause key

The key is located near the top-right of the majority of computer keyboards, which shares it with break key (as as shown in this) and the pausing key can be...

How to get rid of the keys from a keyboard?

A lot of people have to take off keys to clean the keys themselves or beneath the key. Cleaning underneath a key is typically...


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9 Ways Your Laptop Can Make You More Productive

In today's tech-savvy age, a laptop isn't just a tool - it's a gateway to efficiency, knowledge, and unmatched versatility. And while we all recognize the basic functions of...

Do I need an additional mouse pad?

The quick answer is that it's not always. The exact answer will come down to the kind that mouse you're using as well as...

Amazon’s Black Friday deal on gaming laptops is a must-buy item for parents

Amazon has the best Black Friday deal: The Asus TUF 15 gaming laptop is on sale for only PS549.99 (opens in new window), a...

Razer Book 13 Early Black Friday Deals: Incredible Discount

Amazon has a host of Black Friday deals. This Razer Book 13 is now down to PS669, compared to its usual PS1,599.99 retail price. You...


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