Gadget One of the main characters in the Sonic Forces arc of Sonikku! The Anime. He is a Wolf Beastkin and one of very few remaining. He helped Sonikku and his younger self defeat Dr. Eggman and Infinite.


Gadget is a red-wolf with long, pointed ears, orange eyes and peach skin. He is black with a yellow utility belt and wears green army gloves, boots, and glasses.


Gadget is a character who will go to any length to make the world a better place. Gadget is a strong believer in peace and despises seeing people hurt or in trouble. He has shown a lot of courage, having joined the army during Eggman’s attack on the world. He is not afraid of death. This fear led him to join the Resistance after he lost his squad to Infinite.

He is a bit nerdy, a bit abrasive, and a little bit abrasive on the inside. But he’s very resourceful on both sides of the coin. He can get out of difficult situations and has been proven to be able to solve problems in seconds. Although his inexperience can lead to many problems, he grows more humble and hones his skills as the war progresses.


Gadget lived in City Heights and was an active student before the events of The Eggman War. At some point, he became friends with Fushia, the Cat, as well as Verde, the Bird. They remained close friends for many years. Fushia and Dr. Eggman were among the citizens hiding as Sonic and Tails faced the evil doctor. He was amazed to see his hero and cheered Sonic along before Infinite defeated him and took Eggman. He enlisted in the Resistance as a front-line soldier after Sonic vanished and Eggman’s Army attacked.

Infinite defeated Gadget’s entire squad during a skirmish that was meant to gain ground. Gadget, the last soldier alive, stood firm and Infinite would have defeated him. The jackal, however, decided to spare him because Gadget’s terrified face wouldn’t make it any easier to kill him. He bravely showed his courage and was found by the Chaotix. He was enlisted in the Resistance by Knuckles. He was given a Burst wispon and assigned to steal a spaceship in an attempt to save Sonic. After a successful mission Gadget found the best route to save Sonic from the Death Egg. He beat Eggman with torture techniques on Sonic. They would escape from Death Egg and blow it up, delivering a serious blow to Eggman’s forces.

Abilities and Powers

Gadget’s inability to control Zeal on his own is what makes him stand out. His Zeal control is very limited, so he cannot manipulate it at all. However, he has the ability to combine the Zeal he does possess with other people to make their attacks more powerful, as seen when he performs the Double Boost together with Sonic.

Gadget’s strength is not enough to compensate for his intelligence and dexterity. Gadget has demonstrated a deep understanding of different wispons and uses them in unconventional ways that are very helpful to him. He uses the Ivory Wispons as whips, rather than flexable blades. He can use multiple wisps in many situations. This allows him to compete with Infinite.

Gadget has also been shown to be capable of performing the Spin Attack and some kind of Homing Attack when he is around Sonic. Gadget is extremely skilled at aiming and can grapple certain objects even from great distances.

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