Easy Guide: How to Find AirPods on Android? (2024)

How to Find AirPods on Android

This article explains step-by-step how to find airpods on Android?  

Losing your AirPods can create frustration. Fortunately, Android phones have easy ways to help you find AirPods using Bluetooth signals.

AirPods are wireless earbuds made by Apple. They connect via Bluetooth to iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. Their small, white design makes them popular but also very easy to lose! 

Getting Your Lost AirPods Ready to be Found

Before finding AirPods, you need to make sure they can be detected by your Android’s Bluetooth signal. 

Keep AirPods in Charging Case  

To make lost AirPods findable, place them in their charging case left open. An open case wakes up the AirPods and makes them send out a Bluetooth signal. Android phones can detect this signal to locate the missing earbuds.

Enable Bluetooth Discoverability

You also need to enable Bluetooth discoverability. Go into the Bluetooth settings on any Apple device already paired to the missing AirPods. Turn on the “Make Discoverable” setting so Android devices can now detect the Bluetooth signal.

How Android Phones Find Nearby AirPods

Android devices have two main features that allow locating lost AirPods:

1. Find My Device App

Android phones have an app called Find My Device. This app uses Bluetooth signals to locate any nearby devices like AirPods. It will scan in all directions and detect if lost AirPods are within Bluetooth signal range of the phone.

2. Bluetooth Signal Scanning 

An Android’s Bluetooth antenna can passively detect signals too. It will automatically pick up any Bluetooth pinging emitted by lost AirPods that happen to be within a 30 foot typical Bluetooth range. No app needs to be open for Android to potentially get in range of stray earbud signals.

Step-by-Step Guide to Locating Lost AirPods with Android

Follow these simple steps:  

1. Launch the Find My Device App  

First, open the Find My Device finder app on your Android phone. You may need to allow the app access to your phone’s Bluetooth capability so it can detect signals.

2. Select “Scan” or “Refresh” 

Next, select the option to scan for new Bluetooth devices or refresh a previous scan. This enables your Android phone to actively search the nearby vicinity for any detectable Bluetooth signals from lost items.

3. Identify Your AirPods

As your Android scans in search mode, the app will display a list of any Bluetooth signals it detects from nearby devices. Check this list carefully to see if your missing AirPods show up among the discovered Bluetooth devices.

4. Use Signal Meter as Guide

If your lost AirPods show up on the Bluetooth detected device list, you can now use the displayed signal strength metre to hunt down where they’re physically located. Keep checking the metre as you move around – stronger signal means you’re getting closer to finding the earbuds.

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More Android AirPod Search Methods 

Bluetooth Finder Apps  

In addition to the built-in finder, you can also install third party Bluetooth locator apps on your Android. Apps like Bluetooth Finder or Find Bluetooth Devices offer supplementary signal scanning to help discover the whereabouts of missing earbuds.

Tile Trackers 

If your lost AirPods have a Bluetooth Tile tracker paired to them, you can use the Tile app for precise location finding. The Tile app shows a map view that displays the exact real-time location of your missing earbuds for retrieval.

Preventing Lost AirPods in the First Place  

Charging Stands

Get an official AirPods charging stand or docking station to store them in one designated spot at home. Having a consistent storage location makes forgetting where you last placed AirPods less likely.

Stick In Ear When Not Using

Make it a habit that as soon as you take out your AirPods and finish listening to them, place them right back in their charging case. Putting them back in the case rather than setting them down prevents leaving stray earbuds behind around the house.

Locating Your AirPods Just Got Easier

Hopefully this guide has shown how incredibly easy it is to find AirPods on an Android phone. Leverage built-in Bluetooth apps, alternate earbud locators if needed, and signal strength to efficiently reconnect with those tiny lost earbuds in minutes. Never wonder “How to find Airpods on Android?” for long again. Thanks to Android’s reliable built-in finding features!

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