5-Minute Guide To Go Trending On TikTok To Get 1 Million Views

Are you looking to make your TikTok profile go viral among your competitors? If yes, we will explain how to go TikTok viral with organic reach and engagement. Further, you can get millions of TikTok video views for your trending TikTok profile. Thus, while comparing TikTok with the other social media platforms, you will be working on how to go trending on TikTok? It’s nothing but first focus on creating different TikTok videos by using hashtags. If you are curious about TikTok video creation, it’s high time. Above all, you can even start to get tiktok views trollishly by increasing your video views. 

Now, we will cover everything in detail to know how the TikTok algorithm works and how to generate higher engagement through trends and hashtags to go viral. 

Let’s get started! 

5-Minute Guide To Go Trending On TikTok To Get 1 Million Views

1. How To Work With TikTok’s New Algorithm In 2022?

As a TikToker, if you are targeting to go TikTok viral, then understand the TikTok algorithm first. TikTok favors the platform’s algorithm, which helps to display your videos on the For You Page (FYP). Therefore, the primary factor you should be focusing on TikTok is your average watch time. Also, focus on TikTok video length and the average watch time of the videos, which helps in enhancing the algorithm by driving your video. 

For example, let’s say people stay on your video for three seconds, and the algorithm will show your TikTok video to a few viewers. Next, if the TikTok viewer stays for five seconds, it will be visible to a massive bunch of followers. Therefore, try to focus on the average watch time while comparing it with the length of your TikTok video. Finally, the TikTok algorithm decides how many users your video will be shown to. The last fact claims that the higher your average watch time, the better chance your TikTok video to go trending. 

2. How To Create A TikTok Video For Viral?

Did you get an idea about the new TikTok algorithm right now? If yes, you will be wondering how to enhance your average watch time on TikTok. Meantime, the algorithm depends on how your TikTok video content format works or where you should convince your story by keeping your audience engaged. Yet, before that, you should create or ask yourself why your audience would stay till the end. Then, there are a few strategies that you can start to use. 

Try To Have A Strong Grab 

Try to hook your audience’s attention on TikTok to go viral, where the attention span of TikTok users differs from one to four seconds. For instance, focus on how much time you can use to grab the attention of the TikTok viewer. You can do this by presenting a problem and its solution. 

For example, check out the TikTok video from @howtobasic, which displays the simplest method to remove the security tag. Meanwhile, it doesn’t propose a clear-cut solution. Instead, it attracts users to watch the necessary outcome that drives a higher average watch time. Thus, the video explains the 101 of how to go trending on Tiktok, which generates 8.5M views and 1.9M likes. 

Pro Tip: If you are trying to go TikTok viral, try to use trending hashtags, where you can reach massive followers. Apart from that, try to use Trollishly for your TikTok videos, where you can elevate your ranking result. 

Use Strong CTAs

You can create the best TikTok video with the best strategies, yet how should you make your audience engage? First, focus on building strong CTAs which come into action. Next, ask your audience to share your video or click the + sign to follow you. Finally, direct your followers where to go once they have seen your content. 

3. Break Your Videos Into A Series/Create A Playlist

Is your TikTok video niche a vast topic? If so, break your longer video formats into chunks of small videos. TikTok small videos help in hitting the desired completion rate, which will make your video go trending. Thus, make sure to break long-format TikTok videos into a series of small videos. Therefore, there are chances of creating an unending video series where you can create the best niche TikTok videos for your profile. 

For example, during the lockdowns, the tourism shifted the employees of Magdas Hotel based in Vienna by creating short videos using the same audio to show that business wasn’t booming and a description followed no work. The hashtag #wearebored stays open-minded, which gets more than 2 million video views. 

Try To Use Latest Trends

Always remember the #runawayaurora trend and how every creator tried using it? It’s what you should do to go trending. Influencing TikTok trends can grab your audience’s attention to get rolling on TikTok. 

So, jumping on the trend strategy saves you the time and effort you can spend thinking of an authentic content generation. Meanwhile, there’s no harm in creating an original concept without a high watch time percentage and engagement. On the other hand, there’s less chance that you can make it to the FYP if the content you create is not what people are waiting for. 

Final Takeaways

In conclusion, this 5-minute guide to go trending on TikTok to get one million views will help you grow your profile’s visibility and reach among the viewers. So, try to follow one by one where you can get tremendous results. I hope you find this article helpful for building your TikTok profile to expand your TikTok profile reach. 

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