How to Know If Android Person Blocked iPhone?

How to Know If an Android Person Blocked Your iPhone

This article explains How to Know If an Android Person Blocked your iPhone

We use our phones a lot to talk to people. Sometimes, a person might block you so you cannot contact them on their phone. If you have an iPhone and think an Android user has blocked you, it can be confusing. This article will teach you how to know if an Android user has blocked you on an iPhone and what you can do about it.

Signs That an Android User Has Blocked You on iPhone

Message Delivery Problems

Usually, you’ll see “Delivered” when texting an Android user. If your message stays stuck on “sent” and never updates, it could mean they blocked you. Seeing no delivery confirmation is one potential sign an Android owner has blocked your iPhone number.

Voicemail Right Away

Another sign of being blocked is if your calls to the Android user go straight to voicemail. The phone won’t even ring before you hear the voicemail greeting. If you used to reach them fine but now calls instantly go to voicemail, it probably means they blocked your number.

Missing Contact Info

You may also notice the person’s picture or contact details disappeared from your iPhone contacts. This missing information could signal that they blocked you. Android lets users block people and remove all their contact information at the same time. So if their picture and details vanished, it’s a potential block.

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Confirming the Block

To make sure an Android user has blocked you, you can try these steps:

1. Try contacting them from a different email account. Or use a friend’s phone number instead of yours. If you can reach them that way successfully, You’re likely blocked on your iPhone number.

2. Ask a mutual friend to send them a message. Have your friend contact the Android user. If your friend can talk to them just fine, it probably means you’ve been blocked by them.

What You Can Do

If you confirm the Android user has blocked you, here are some things you can try:

Contact Them Another Way  

Try emailing or messaging on social media. You can also ask a mutual friend for help. When you contact the Android user, say you want to fix any misunderstandings between you both.

Respect Their Choice

Being blocked can be really frustrating, for sure. But you should still respect their decision. They likely have their reasons for blocking you. Pushing too hard could further damage your relationship.

Wait It Out

Sometimes people block others when tensions are high. But it may only be temporary, due to anger.  Give it some time, then try contacting me again later. If it was just temporary, they might unblock you.


Getting blocked can be difficult, but recognizing the signs and having options can help. Remember to be respectful of the other person’s choice. With patience and open communication, you may be able to resolve conflicts and restore contact.

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