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Why Is My Vizio TV Blinking On and Off?

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The problem with most Vizio TVs is blinking on/off.

This issue has been reported by many Vizio TV owners. Many owners claim that the problem has existed for many years.

For about 80% of Vizio TVs that blink on and off, there is an easy fix.

Vizio TV blinking on/off

If your Vizio TV blinks, reset it.

Unplug Vizio TV wall

This is a common solution, even though it may sound obvious. To stop the Vizio TV from blinking, unplug its wall socket.

Take at least 60 seconds. Give it a minute and then plug it in again

Turn off the TV and locate the power button. For 30 seconds, hold the power button. Turn off the remote by pressing the power button for 30 seconds.

This will allow the TV to soft reset and turn off any remaining power.

Once the 60-second limit has passed, plug the TV into the power outlet. The TV should then turn on again.

In about 80% of cases, this fix should work. It can be difficult to fix the remaining 20%.

Get batteries from Vizio remote

You can always replace the remote battery if you have trouble with your TV.

The remote must be disconnected from both batteries.

Once the batteries are removed, hold down the power button on the remote for 15 seconds. This should take 15 seconds, and not five!

After the 15 seconds are up, you can plug in the batteries and turn on the TV again. The blinking should stop and the TV should turn back on.

If none of the above solutions work, you can factory reset your Vizio TV to fix your flickering and blinking problem.

Factory reset Vizio TV

To access the TV powered, click the Menu button.

You will find a “System” option in the menu. Click it.

Next, locate “Reset and Administrator” or “Reset TV Back to Factory Defaults”.

This will bring your Vizio TV’s settings back to the time it was purchased.

Vizio TV factory reset with remote

If you don’t have a remote control, you can factory reset your Vizio TV.

To turn on your TV, press the power button. Depending on the model of your TV, this button might be on the left-hand side or bottom.

Turn on the TV and hold down the volume, source, and control buttons simultaneously. Hold the input button for a while.

Hold down the input button for at least 10 seconds

The TV will turn off, be rebooted, and factory reset.

All blinking and flickering problems should be resolved now.

Connect all Vizio TV connections back.

A solution to the blinking problem is to unplug any cords from your TV’s back.

Power cords, HDMI cords, coax cables, etc. Everything.

Then plug them all back in after they’ve been unplugged/disconnected for around 60 seconds.

Take a moment to inspect each cord and make sure there aren’t any fraying or tears.

After the time has expired, plug everything back into your computer.

It is important to ensure that each cable has a tight and secure connection. To ensure that your TV receives a steady signal, a tight connection is crucial.

Connect all cords to your TV and turn it on using the TV power button.

We hope that you can see your TV come back to life and that the blinking problem has been solved.

Vizio TV Picture Settings

The picture settings of your TV are the most common reason why your TV blinks. You should reset your picture mode.

Reset the picture mode by clicking on the MENU switch on your remote. There are many other options.

To make adjustments to the settings, you can return to PICTURE.

I recommend Brightness. This should drop to about 90%. If your TV has backlight control, you can turn it down to 5-10%.

The Ambient Lighting Sensor can also be turned off.

If none of the options work, try a few picture modes. Turn on your TV and enjoy it for a while.

We hope that you will find the solution to your problem.

Update software on Vizio TV

Software problems can sometimes cause Vizio TV’s audio to flicker or turn off.

In most cases, Vizio TV automatically checks for software updates.

To manually update Vizio TV software:

  1. To turn on your remote control for the TV, use the Vokey
  2. Select System from the drop-down menu
  3. Choose Check for updates
  4. Your TV will search for updates
  5. Check for an update before you confirm the installation
  6. The updater will download the file to your TV and install it.

Make sure you have checked that your blinking issues are resolved after each restart.

Check Vizio TV warranty

Although this is not a good idea, If your Vizio TV does not stop blinking, make sure you check your TV’s active warranty.

Vizio will fix or replace your TV once you describe the problem.

If you have a warranty, they may be able to provide services at your home.


Vizio TVs are finicky.

  • You must wait for 60 seconds before unplugging the TV from its wall.
  • Remove the batteries from the charger and keep the power button down for at least 15 seconds
  • Factory reset your TV using or without your remote
  • Connect all Vizio TV connections back.
  • Change the picture settings for your Vizio TV
  • Upgrading the software on your TV to the latest version
  • Check Vizio TV warranty

If none of these options work, you might try the following solutions. Make sure your warranty is still valid.

Let us know if this helped you fix your Vizio TV. Please leave a comment below if it worked for you.

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