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Why can’t I make comments in YouTube videos?

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Comments are an excellent method to show appreciation and give feedback to the YouTube video. Many video creators depend in their videos’ comments and feedback, which helps improve their channel’s watching experience. What are the possible reasons that you aren’t able to leave comments on the video? If it’s applicable there are a few reasons that will be listed in the following table, along with potential solutions.

The creator of the video has been able to block comments

The most typical reason that you aren’t able to comment on an YouTube video is that the creator has disabled the comment feature on some or all of their video. If the video contains controversial or controversial content, the creator can block comments to avoid spam or unwanted communications. the spread of spam.

Furthermore comments are not turned off in default when a video is intended for children. When users upload new videos it is required by the COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) to state whether the content is designed to be viewed by children or adults.

The creator of the video has blocked your account.

If you’ve posted previously hostile or abusive comments on the comment section of the creator of the video it is possible that they block your user account. If blocked, you’ll be able to look at their videos, but you can’t post comments on their behalf. If you believe you’ve been blocked by mistake You can get in touch with the creator via email (if they’ve given their email address) and request that they reconsider removing you from the block. But only they will be able to decide if they want to restore your rights. YouTube administrators are unable to provide assistance.

Furthermore, you may be barred from commenting if your post was classified for being inappropriate. This happens when you post the same message repeatedly, post links to websites that are not yours or make a comment prior to watching an amount of video.

YouTube Restricted Mode is activated on YouTube

Your YouTube account could have been set up to the restricted mode.

click your channel icon To disable Restricted Mode, 

In the event that it is set to On, click the icon. If Restricted Mode is on then click the icon next to it to switch it off, as shown below.

There’s a problem in your browser

Clean your cookies and cache

If you’re still unable to post comments after following the suggestions from these sections before, you can try cleaning the browser cache and cookies first, then attempt again. This will resolve any issues that are related to cookies. You are now able to post comments after a second time.

  • How to clean browser cache as well as cookies.

Remove ad blockers and other browser extensions

Certain users might find some third-party web browser extensions like ad blockers or other YouTube-specific extensions can block users from commenting on YouTube videos. Try disabling extensions on the Internet browser to determine whether this allows you to post comments.

  • How to clean browser cache as well as cookies.

A VPN will stop you from making comments

If you encounter an error message such as “Comment did not post”” the reason could be because of the interference caused by an VPN service. When you’re on a VPN server located outside of your region, YouTube could detect this and stop you from making comments. Try turning off your VPN service before trying to make another comment.

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