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These are the 10 best free apps to help you learn to play guitar

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Although learning to play the guitar can be difficult than it appears, it is well worth it. Although learning an instrument can be one of the most rewarding activities you can do, it is difficult to do on your own and without help.

There are many free apps that you can download to help you learn how to play the guitar. These iOS and Android apps can help you learn faster and feel more confident playing the guitar, even though you are a beginner.

1. Real guitar

Real Guitar simulates a guitar. Real Guitar can simulate both electric and acoustic guitars ( ideal if you own an electro-acoustic guitarist), and works on smartphones and tablets. Multitouch is also supported, which is important for chord playing. However, you will need a device that supports multitouch.

It also includes track loops you can play along with, as well as a recording mode that allows for easy export to MP3. You can create songs with Real Guitar and then record them later.

2. Perfect Ear

Although Perfect Ear doesn’t have a specific app for guitars, it is extremely useful for anyone wanting to learn how to play the guitar or any other musical instrument. It aims to help musicians develop rhythm and tone.

Perfect Ear includes a variety of rhythm, scale, chord and interval training exercises that will help you to understand and get comfortable with music. You can also use the trainers to sight-read, absolute pitch and note sing. This app is essential if you struggle to distinguish between different tones.

Perfect Ear also has articles on music theory that will be helpful if your goal is to write songs.

3. GuitarTuna

GuitarTuna is one of the best mobile apps for tuning your guitar. You can use it to tune your guitar with a variety of instruments including a cello, banjo and bass.

The app will listen to your phone’s microphone and determine which note it is recording. The app supports hundreds more tunings, so it is easy to adjust your tune as a beginner.

4. smartChord

smartChord is an excellent choice if you are looking for a comprehensive app that can be used by guitarists. SmartChord started out as an app to help you learn the chords and fingerings for your guitar fretboard, but it has evolved to be more comprehensive.

SmartChord’s reverse chord finder is very useful, but smartChord also offers features such as tone determination, hundreds, predefined tunings, many different scales and a basic metronome. It also includes a virtual guitar to help you carry your guitar around. A precise tone generator is another feature.

5. Metronomerous

Metronome apps can be too simple. While they can do the job if you are a beginner, their limitations will soon be apparent as you gain more experience. You’ll want Metronomerous as your metronome app once you reach that point.

Although the interface might seem intimidating at first glance, it is capable of doing so much more. It can do eights, sixteenths and triplets as well as quintuplets, septuplets, and quintuplets. It can accent any note down to the sixteenth note or triplet note.

It may not be the right app if you just need a basic beat. Metronomerous will allow you to have the freedom you want when the basic beat isn’t enough.

6. Justin Guitar

Justin Guitar is one the best sites for learning how to play the guitar. Every beginner guitarist is directed to the site for a reason. Justin Sandercoe teaches the basics of guitar and will get you playing a tune in no matter how fast.

The app is an extension of the original and offers everything you need. You can use it to tune your guitar, watch video tutorials and learn interactive lessons. There are over 1000 songs you can play along with so you can get those perfect chords. You can track your progress and get a score as you go so that you can continue where you left off.

7. Yousician

You can use apps to tune your guitar or learn chords. But how do you know if you are actually doing the right thing? You can hear the guitar sound and feel your fingers properly positioned.

Although there is no substitute for a teacher, Yousician comes close. The app features step-by-step videos that guide you through lessons taught by music teachers. These include chords, strumming melodies and fingerpicking.

It actually listens to what you play and then evaluates your performance. This allows you to know what is working well and what isn’t.

8. Guitar 3D

Guitar 3D is an excellent app for learning chords, which you most likely are if your are just starting out. The app contains all the chords you need, but it also shows them in 3D. It allows you to quickly see the exact position of your fingers on the guitar.

It also shows the finger transitions between chord changes. This is very helpful when learning a song. Split-screen mode allows you to see both your hands clearly and highlights the strings you must play.

These lessons and quizzes will test your knowledge of chords. In no time, you’ll be a master of chords.

9. Andy Guitar

Andy Guitar is another app that features a friendly teacher. Andy is the instructor. He guides you through a variety of lessons and song tutorials and answers the most frequently asked questions.

Andy is a patient and great teacher. You’ll find it easy to learn quickly and understand the lessons. Andy Guitar actually teaches modern songs. This is one of the best things about Andy Guitar. Andy Guitar mixes classic rock songs with ease, unlike other guitar apps that tend to be focused on the best.

10. 3000 Chords

3000 Chords is a simple app that contains every chord you could ever need. Although it isn’t as sophisticated as the other apps, 3000 Chords accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do: provide a free, great database of chord diagrams.

3000 Chords can not only show you the chords but can also play them for you to match the sound. You can also learn basic guitar theory with the chord and ear training games. It also supports left-handed guitars, which is a feature that is often overlooked.

Record yourself playing the guitar

These apps are the best to learn how to play guitar. You can never learn to play the guitar completely, so you will find something here no matter your level.

You can start learning songs if you have a good grasp of the guitar. Record yourself to be able to play the song back and compare it with the original.

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