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The 2021 Best Sony a6000 Accessories

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The best accessories for Sony a6000 mirrorless cameras will help you get the most from your camera.

You can get great photos with the best accessories for Sony a6000 cameras.

These include the essentials that are universally useful, such as filters and extra batteries, and more specific items for certain shooting styles, such as lighting, tripods, and portrait lenses.

Many accessories listed here are compatible with all models of the Sony a6000 and a6100 cameras.

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Black Friday: The best Sony accessories for the Sony a6000

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What accessories are best for the Sony a6000?

Sony a6000 accessories are diverse and there is no “best” accessory. They include everything from tripods to bags to lenses.

The PNY 64GB SD card would be our first choice. Sony’s mirrorless cameras don’t have onboard storage so you will need an SD card to store all your videos and photos. PNY EliteX SDXC memory cards are fast. They can keep up with your camera while you shoot bursts RAW images or record 4K video at a high frame rate.

A spare battery is another essential, especially for those who take their camera with them on the go. Other than the Sony a6600 which can take up to 810 photos, most mirrorless Sony cameras will last around 450 shots. Sometimes, it may be less. The Sony NPFW50 rechargeable battery, which costs around $50, will keep your camera running for longer.

We recommend that you spend more if you can afford it. The kit lens that came with your camera will work in most situations, but this lens will allow you to take sharper images and capture images in darker settings.

These are the best accessories for Sony a6000 that you can purchase today

  1. Lowepro Passport Sling III camera bag

The Lowepro Passport Sling III is a slim option for all your additional gear, even if you’re carrying more than your Sony camera. The bag wraps around your body and has adjustable, padded compartments that can hold multiple lenses, an external flash, mic or flash, as well as smaller items like a battery or memory card. The bag’s interior can be customised with foam inserts that you can adjust to fit your gear. An expandable compartment can also unzip to give you up to 30% more storage. Lowepro Passport Sling III comes in black or grey, with orange trim.

  1. Cover with silicone protection by EasyCover ECSA6300B

Although many Sony A6000-series cameras are resistant to dust and moisture, they cannot withstand drops of water. This is where an easy-to-use protective sleeve like the EasyCover comes into play.

  1. Protector for hot shoe cover cap JJC FA-SHC1M

Sony should provide a cover to protect the hot shoe when it isn’t in use. This is because of how crucial it is for attaching peripherals, such as flashes or microphones. This JJC FA-SHC1M Black Hot Shoe Cover Cap protector will fit all Sony A6000-series cameras. We recommend buying a 2-pack because these small items can be easily lost.

  1. Rechargeable Sony NP-FW50 battery

Battery life is the biggest problem with most Sony mirrorless cameras. The a6600 has a double-capacity battery that can take up to 810 photos per charge. All models in the a6000 range can take around 400 photos before they run out of battery. The a6500 can take only 310 photos.

Even worse, your camera will drain faster if it is not used or left on between shots. For most models, the Sony NPFW50 rechargeable battery should be an upgrade. This battery is ideal for long days of shooting and travel and will save you a lot of pain.

  1. Tiffen 405UVP 40.5mm UV protection filter

A UV filter can protect your lens if you are prone to dropping objects or shooting in harsh environments. The 405UVP 40.5mm ultraviolet protection filter from Tiffen fits all models of the Sony A6000. Other lenses can be found on the respective product pages.

  1. Sony E-Mount 35mm F/1.8 prime fixed lens

The Sony E-Mount 35mm F/1.8 Prime fixed lens is not cheap but it’s the best thing you can buy to maximize your Sony mirrorless camera.

35mm is considered a normal lens for a camera of this size. It captures the world exactly as we see it and produces natural-looking photos. This lens is a significant improvement on the kit lens. It has a sharper image, but also thanks to its large f/1.8 aperture which allows it to capture more light and create beautiful soft backgrounds. Works with 49mm filters.

  1. Protective screen protector for PCTC

Sony’s leaning camera LCDs scratch quite comfortably, so extra protection is important. PCTC provides tempered-glass covers for models that have this capability. They are not likely to affect the image quality or interfere with touchscreen functions. This model is not recommended to be used with the a6500 camera; PCTC offers a different version.

  1. Mcoplus Diffuser flash bounce cards

Although the built-in flash of Sony is useful in emergency situations, it can point straight ahead and cast harsh light onto your subject. Mcoplus Diffuser Flash Bouque Cards, which tilt the Sony camera’s flash upwards to produce soft lighting, are handy accessories. You can adjust the intensity and color of light with the three options in the kit.

  1. LowePro Tahoe BP 150 compact camera backpack

You’ll need to buy larger bags as your gear collection grows. LowePro’s Tahoe BP150 backpack can hold many lenses, chargers, external flashes, microphones and other items. The bag has a number of dividers that can be moved to make nooks for accessories and your camera. It is also well padded to protect your gear from minor bumps and drops.

The bag’s internal dimensions are 10.04×5.04×14.17 inches. The laptop compartment measures 9.45x 0.79×10.43 inches. The Tahoe BP150 is available in black, with a gray interior and blue, camo, red, and green.

  1. Tiffen 405CP 40.5mm circular polarizing filter

Polarizing filters reduce the glare of bright sunlight, increase contrast and produce richer colours. It’s not bad for only 20 dollars. The Tiffen 405CP 40.5mm Circular Polarizing filter fits all models of the Sony A6000 Series cameras. You can also find other Sony lenses in our recommendations.

  1. Altura Photo Professional Cleaning kit

You will still get dust on your lenses and the LCD screen of your OLED viewfinder, no matter how careful you are. Altura’s Photo Professional Cleaning Kit contains an air blower as well as a lens brush that safely removes dust. The rest can be cleaned with an alcohol-free cleaning solution, microfiber cloths and lens tissue paper. Altura’s kit also includes cleaning swabs to clean the delicate image sensor in case dust sticks during lens changes.

  1. PNY 64GB EliteX Class 10 U3V30 SDXC memory cards

An SD card is essential for all cameras. It can store all your videos and photos. The card from PNY offers plenty of storage space and speeds for taking photos and videos. The card’s 100MB/s writing speed is fast enough to handle 4K/UHD video, which all other cameras except the original a6000 can record. This also provides future proofing for owners of a6000 cameras when they purchase their next one.

You will need at least 64GB to shoot in Sony’s highest quality XAVC S video format (even HD video) because the required file system requires that much.

  1. Sony RMTDSLR2 wireless remote

Sony’s Android or iOS apps can control the a6000 series of cameras remotely. However, if you prefer something simpler, the Sony RMTDSLR2 wireless remote infrared is available. You can trigger the shutter immediately or after a delay of 2 seconds, as well as stop and start video recording. The remote works with the a6000 and a6300 as well as the a6400, an a6400 and a6600. Sony’s RMT-P1BT Bluetooth remote is required for owners of the a6100. It also works with the A6400 and A6600.

  1. Roxant Pro video camera stabilizer

Sony’s mirrorless camera can shoot excellent video, and some models even have image stabilization. However, their small form factor makes it difficult to record handheld video. Roxant Pro’s video camera stabilizer gives you a better grip and adjustable weights to help keep the camera steady.

Roxant Pro supports cameras upto 2.1 pounds. It is not an active gimbal mounting, but it can be used to capture motion-stabilized video at a lower cost.

  1. Sony ECMXYST1M stereo microphone

Sony’s A6000 series mirrorless cameras capture so good video, it would be shame to ruin the footage with faint voices and the loud whoosh of even light breezes. Sony’s multi-interface shoe attaches the Sony ECMXYST1M Stereo Microphone to the camera. You can either place the microphones far apart for a wide soundstage recording or focus on the sounds in front of your camera by directing them forward. It also includes a windguard as an added bonus.

  1. Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 tripod

You can’t keep a camera still, no matter how steady or upright you are, for long exposures in low light and at night. You can’t stay still while filming a video. A tripod is necessary for this purpose. Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100, made of lightweight aluminum is sturdy and strong. It has a ball head that can rotate 360 degrees and can hold up to 15 pounds of camera equipment at up to 5.7 feet high. The three legs lock at angles between 25, 50, and 80 degrees to ensure stability at all heights.

  1. Sony HVL-F32M MI flash

The a6000 series’ built-in flashes are excellent for brightening shadows. They can also give nighttime photos a cold look, making it easier to capture people with red eyes. The Sony Sony HVL F32M flash is much more powerful and can be angled up to 90 degrees to bounce light, 180 degrees to right, 90 degrees to left, or 180 degrees to its right for a softer effect.

The flash’s guide number is 105 feet at ISO 100, 105mm and 105mm. It also has an auto zoom range between 24-105mm on full frame cameras. This can be expanded to 15mm using the built-in wide angle panel. The flash is water and dust resistant and can be recharged in 0.1 to 5 seconds. It also runs on two AA batteries that are good for 120-150 flashes.

How to select the best accessories for your Sony a6000

While your specific needs will determine which accessories are best for you, there are some things that we believe are important. You will need a good memory card, a spare charger and an ultraviolet filter to protect your lens and camera from the sun’s harmful rays.

A good lens is essential if you plan to take portraits a lot. You also need decent lighting and a tripod. You’ll need a bag to hold all your gear, especially if it’s necessary to carry it with you on a hike.

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