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Sometimes abbreviated as PP or even PPT, PowerPoint is a presentation program created by Microsoft which creates slides that contain important data, charts, and images to be used in a presentation. PowerPoint is often utilized for school and business presentations.

Where can you locate the information to how do you get started with PowerPoint?

If you own Microsoft PowerPoint or the entire Microsoft Office package installed on Microsoft Windows, you can locate PowerPoint on the start menu.

Remember that modern computers don’t include PowerPoint. It needs to be installed and purchased before it is able to run in your PC.

If PowerPoint is installed on your PC, however, you’re unable to locate it in the Start menu, you can follow the steps below to launch PowerPoint manually:

  1. Open My Computer.
  2. Select or click on the C drive. When Microsoft Office is installed on an additional drive than the C drive, then select the drive that you prefer.
  3. Go through your folder called Program Files (x86) folder Then, go to go to the Microsoft Office folder.
  4. If there’s an base folder within the Microsoft Office folder, open the folder. After that, open your officeXX directory and then the OfficeXX folder, where XX represents the edition that comes with Office (e.g., Office16 for Microsoft Office 2016). If there’s no root folder, search the folder that has “Office” as the title.
  5. Look for a file titled POWERPNT.EXE and double-click this file to open Microsoft PowerPoint.

Start PowerPoint without using a mouse

Use these instructions if are looking to launch PowerPoint without using the mouse.

  1. Press the Windows key .
  2. Typ Powerpoint.
  3. Choose the PowerPoint Search results by using the Arrow keys and press Enter to open to launch PowerPoint application.

PowerPoint example

17 PowerPoint Presentation Examples That Show Style & Professionalism

The image below shows the way Microsoft PowerPoint is displayed with a red text for each major section.

PowerPoint slides can be merely text, or include videos, images or animated text as well as images. Text can be formatted in the same manner that it is in Microsoft Word, with a custom color, size and font.

While the appearance and feel of PowerPoint has evolved throughout the years, the function has remained the same.

The benefits of PowerPoint

PowerPoint offers a variety of advantages to its users, including:

  • It is extensively used and is it is considered to be the “standard” for software that creates presentations. If you design your own PowerPoint presentation is more likely that it will be easy for other users to view and open.
  • It comes with a variety of optional presentation tools, such as animations, slide transitions and layouts, templates etc.
  • It allows users to export the slides in different formats for files, such as GIF as well as JPG photos, MPEG-4 video, PDF, RTF (rich text format) and Windows Media Video (Windows Media Video) and PowerPoint XML.
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