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PlayStation Direct PS5 restock: how to sign up for exclusive email invites

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Sony has been offering exclusive access to PS5 consoles via its PlayStation Direct store for the past few months to registered users. Even better, the program is now available in other countries as well. This means that anyone who wants to buy a PS5 console can shop at Sony’s official store.

This is the most significant step taken by the manufacturer to make purchasing a PS5 easier and more predictable for people still searching for a console. You can sign up to participate. How do you sign up?

How to sign up for Direct PS5 restock

1. Register at this PlayStation Direct page

To register for the PS5 you must first. Auto-redirect should occur, but ensure that the page displays the correct region. Otherwise, you might not be able to register. PS5 restocks are not available at the PlayStation Direct store for those who live in the US, UK or Germany.

2. Register to your Network account

You will need to sign in to your PSN account using the black sign-in button at the top of the page or the blue sign-in buttons further down. Anybody who is currently using a Sony system, such as the PS4, will already have one. If they have forgotten their login details, it might be possible to retrieve them or reset them.

You can also register if the PS5 is your first Sony console. You can register by following the steps.

3. Register now for the next PS5 Restock

After you have signed in, the large ‘Register Now” button will appear about halfway down the page. You just need to hit the button to receive a thank you message. It’s easy.

It’s now a matter of waiting patiently for the email to arrive. You will receive an invite the day before the PS5 restock goes live. This means that you should be able spot the email in time to be able follow the link to the PlayStation Direct store.

Don’t forget, however, that an invitation does not guarantee you the chance to purchase a console. It will only get you a spot in the queue. Participation will increase your chances of getting a console. Even if you don’t get invited, your information will still be available for future invites to the next restock.

FAQs: Direct PS5 restock

How to increase your chances of getting a PlayStation Direct invitation

This is it. Sony offers two additional stipulations. One is specific, the other vague. Let’s begin with the simple-to-understand rule.

You must first opt in to receive marketing emails from Sony. To receive marketing emails from Sony PlayStation, you will need to log into your PSN account and select notifications. This allows them to email you. This is the vital PS5 restock tip TechRadar offers for many months.

The second is that Sony Direct states, “Our selections are based on past interests and PlayStation Activities.” This is a vague statement. It’s supposed to eliminate duplicate accounts that have never been used to play games. But that’s just our guess.

Can I buy more than one PS5 through Direct?

According to Sony, no. Each PSN ID can only be used on one PS5 Disc console and one PS5 Digital Edition console.

Sony offered customers who purchased the console previously the chance to purchase a second PS5, but it’s not clear if this will be available again. Maybe after stock issues are settled down?

Are PlayStation Direct’s US-only stores?

This is no longer the case. PlayStation Direct was initially only available in the USA, but has since been expanded to many European countries. This includes the UK and Germany as well as France, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Netherlands and Belgium.

Is there a restocking time?

Sony hasn’t yet provided a PS5 restocking time for purchase via PlayStation Direct email invitations. We do have some details that we can help you get a better understanding.

The email invitation you receive will have an expiration date. Sony states that if you are selected, the expiration time and date will be sent to you via email.

If there is a time limit and if it is still in a queue, it may stick to the time it has been using recently. For example, 2pm EDT/11am PDT. In the past, it has used 12pm PDT/ 3pm EDT. Sony could use a time frame to match a particular time, but we don’t know.

Is there still a public queue for PlayStation Direct?

This is not yet clear, and Sony doesn’t seem to be hinting at any of these things. It’s just one of many questions we are asking the company. However, it does seem like the company is trying to get all its eggs into the email invitations basket.

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