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List of Must-Have Gadgets and Tools for Students That Will Help with Dissertation Writing 

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Writing a dissertation requires enough preparation mentally and in terms of resources. As a modern student, you need to use technologies and time wisely. Education is not just about studying books. It also involves searching the internet to gather information.

By using modern gadgets and tools, you will have an easier time while writing your dissertation. The gadgets and tools will help you to manage time, grasp information fast, generate reports, and so on. Here are important tools gadgets and tools you need for this purpose.

Text editors

You must be able to evaluate information and complete assignments that are appealing to your readers. A computer with a Microsoft Office application, internet connection, and browser is essential for dissertation writing. To be able to create and format your work, you must understand how Microsoft Word works.

Using this application, you can write your work and edit it based on your tutor’’ recommendations. You will then print and submit it for evaluation. Knowledge of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office is essential.

Thus, modern applications and gadgets such as tablets and mobile phones will alleviate the burden of study. Learn how to use text editors, and you will become smart in dissertation writing. Alternatively, you can identify the best dissertation writing service providers who understand how text editors work.

Messengers and social networks

Instant messengers and social networks are important in learning. Even with the use of top dissertation writing services, you will need a channel of communication with your writer. You can use group chats to arrange study dates and meetings or share assignments online.

Instant messengers can also facilitate sharing important materials such as cheat sheets and lectures with your peers. Instant messaging facilitates peer-to-peer communication while allowing you to exchange information online via mobile devices.

Social networks create a collaborative environment to encourage information sharing. You can accelerate the development of your communication processes and critical thinking. Social networks promote learning and make you ready to search for research information and make decisions. They generate critical awareness and better learning outcomes while creating better learning experiences.

Voice recorder

A voice recorder is an important tool for recording lectures. You can access this app from any mobile phone, including a simple push-button device. You may not have a lot of time to record all the information during lectures. Audio recording can boost your learning by speeding up the brainstorming process and facilitating practice and revision.

Using a voice recorder is not an excuse for failing to concentrate in class. You also need to take notes. Recording lectures will help to assimilate the content if you periodically listen to it. Use the material to prepare for an exam or test and eliminate the gaps in lectures.

Grammarly premium

The use of language is important in academic writing. Choice of voice, word choice, errors, and spelling mistakes can affect your performance. Grammatical errors may make you misplace points or derail ideas.

Grammarly premium is an important dissertation writing tool that can help you produce good academic papers. Use the app on the website or the word processing software. It highlights any errors in your text and provides alternative solutions. From the reports, you can know your areas of writing weaknesses and learn to improve your writing.

While other writing tools and dictionaries identify common errors, Grammarly highlights complex issues. The app will do the following cleaning on your paper:

  • It allows you to deal with insensitive and impolite writing
  • It highlights inconsistent and unclear sentences
  • Grammarly will check plagiarism
  • It will help you avoid using certain words
  • It will improve your formal writing

Grammarly is a great tool for producing flawless academic papers. It is like a real-time editor for drafting papers.


As a writer, you may want to read more books despite your limited time. The best solution is listening to books. Audiobooks application is an essential tool if you can grasp information fast. It is good for preparing for tests, exams, and seminars. During your free time, you can listen to your audiobooks and grasp new information.

Listening to books helps to improve important learning skills, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Audiobooks are sources of comprehensive input to make you a better dissertation writer.

Books can help you to overcome the problems of decoding and concentrate on meaning. Bridge the gap between phrases and their meaning by complementing physical books with audiobooks.


Text editors, voice recorders, Grammarly premium, audiobooks, and messengers are the top must-have gadgets and tools for dissertation writing. These tools will enable you to improve your writing and research processes. Don’t just focus on acquiring them- learn how they work too. Understanding how these tools work will help to save time and minimize the writing effort, so you will become a better writer.

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