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How to Make Penny from Inspector Gadget Costume?

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This is a pretty cool gadget that can help you to make your own Inspector Gadget costume. I used the items shown in the photo and it took about an hour to do this project. This penny makes a nice prop if you just want to stand around and take photos of yourself with a few people. The Penny even works like a real one! You will be able to get enough height by placing the penny under your heel and rocking back on it while pushing hard on the ground! Make sure you spend time practicing so you don’t fall trying to do some awesome tricks. Here are a few ways with the help of you can have your own Penny from Inspector Gadget Costume.

1 – Build your own Penny Gadget Gadget Costume.

2 – How to Make a Penny from Inspector Gadget Costume by testing it out.

3 – Keep your Penny in good condition.

4 – Tricks you can do with the giant penny!

To build this gadget yourself, here are a few things that you might want to get together before you start building it.

Need a Duct Tape

You will need duct tape, a black garbage bag, cardboard or cardboard boxes, and regular masking tape for this project which should be pretty cheap to get together if you don’t have all these items already. I used hard cardboard tubes but if you can’t find them just grab some rolled-up newspapers or magazines and wrap them tightly with the black garbage bag so are nice and round so you can roll them easily. You will need the cardboard tubes to make the bottom of the legs for your penny and they should be about 3-4 inches in diameter is best. If you can’t find any of these items try looking in dumpsters behind furniture stores for anything that might work. If you are lucky, go to a moving company after they have finished their last move for the day! You can get lots of great free boxes this way!

Need Tape Measure

You’ll also need some tape measure or ruler, trimming knife, wire cutters/pliers, screwdrivers, extra strong glue, and butyl rubber sealant that has adhesive.

Make New Pattern

The first thing I did was make my own pattern with a newspaper I could lay out on top of the cardboard. Once I was satisfied with my pattern, I glued and taped everything together and made sure it fit over my legs before moving on to gluing anything else. You can use rubber cement or super glue for this project if you don’t have any of the extra strong glue mentioned above.

Build Giant Penny

Once your pattern is complete get ready to build your giant penny! The best way to get started building this penny gadget costume prop is by laying down the garbage bag onto a flat surface and cutting it into strips that are just long enough so they wrap completely around the tubes you cut out from the cardboard boxes. Next, take some tape measure or ruler and cut out more strips about 2 inches wide so you can start taping them all together to form the body of your penny gadget costume prop. Try to tape them together so that they are nice and tight because this will create a smooth surface on your finished prop.

Overlap the Edges

I overlap the edges of each strip as I go along taping it all together until I have covered the entire circumference of the tubes. Keep testing your pattern with some clothes on or someone’s legs if doing this project with someone else before taping anything down permanently! You want to make sure everything fits properly before gluing it for real!

Glue-All Strips

Once satisfied, I glued all my strips together using a butyl rubber sealant that has adhesive. Depending on what glue you use, you may need to wait overnight before moving on to the next step of making sure everything is taped up well and tight. You can tape up the seams on your giant penny gadget costume prop by wrapping masking tape around the bottom of the tubes where they meet together at least three times.

Cut Out Arm Holes

This is what my pattern looked like after it was all taped up! Make sure you cut out some armholes in your finished pattern before moving on to gluing everything down permanently or you won’t be able to get into it once it’s done. I had some extra cardboard tube left over from cutting out my leg pieces so I made a “belt” for mine by cutting it into an “H” shape and taping one side onto each of my leg tubes so that I have something to hold onto when walking around with this HUGE prop.

Need Large Flat Area

You are going to need a large flat area to work on before gluing your pattern down permanently. Make sure you clean off any dust or dirt from the area first. I recommend laying out a tarp or old shower curtain underneath everything if you don’t have a table cloth that will protect your surface from glue stains! You can use regular white craft glue, rubber cement, or butyl rubber sealant for this project.

Use Multiple Glues Combination

I used a combination of all three glues mentioned above, depending on what I had at the time and where I was going to be using my prop. For attaching the front and back pieces together, either use an extra-strong adhesive like silicone-based glue, epoxy putty, or butyl rubber sealant with adhesive. Once everything is glued down and dried, you can paint your giant penny gadget costume prop with black spray primer, metallic silver, or gold spray paint. Black is always a classic color for Halloween props but I decided to go outside of the box this time and made my prop look like it was covered in wet silver slime!


Paint your giant penny gadget costume prop silver and add some small googly eyes on the front of it before wearing it out for Halloween! I can’t wait to wear mine with a nice brown business suit so I’ll look super classy at the office while scaring anyone who dares to get close enough to me.


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