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How to create a PlayStation Network account

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We will show you how to create an account on PlayStation Network via the internet, PS4, or PS5.

A PlayStation Network account is required if you own a PlayStation. Although you don’t necessarily need one to play on a PS4 and PS5, it’s a good idea. You’ll be missing out on many features if you don’t have an account.

Here’s how you can create a new PlayStation Network Account online, using a PS4 or a PS5.

How to create a PlayStation Network account on the web

Signing up for a PlayStation Network Account can be done through your web browser. This will make it much easier to create a password. Go to Sony Account Management page, and click Create a New Account.

To begin, click Create on the next page. First, enter your birth date. This is often used to protect you.

Next, choose your Region. You can choose from several languages for some countries.

You will now need to enter your Sign In ID and a Password. This email address will be required if you forget your password. Strong passwords are essential to protect your PSN account.

Consider using the password manager to create and store a secure passcode. Just remember that you will need to enter it on your PlayStation console’s clunky keyboard in order to log in.

Depending on the region you chose before, you might need to enter your state or province, postcode, or something similar. This information is used by PlayStation to verify your identity, calculate taxes, and other matters.

How to choose an online ID and what marketing preferences you prefer

Next, you will need to select your online ID. This is your username. It’s what you use to communicate with other players, play games, or send them messages. You can choose your preferred ID from the suggestions below. However, they are pretty ridiculous. You should like your ID. While you can modify your PSN name later on, it is expensive.

Your real name will also be required. This information will be displayed in PlayStation email. You can also send real name requests to PlayStation Network. You can see the username of a friend alongside their actual name, which makes it easier to track who’s who in your friends list.

Click Next to check if the ID that you have selected is still available. You’ll have to try other IDs until one is available. PlayStation Network IDs can’t contain spaces.

If you wish to receive email updates about PlayStation news, or share your information to marketing partners, then you can tick a few boxes. To create your PSN account, you can read the terms and conditions.

Finalizing Your PSN Account

The account has been successfully created. Click OK for more information. The new page will open and ask you for more information. You’ll be able to adjust the personalization level on your account by clicking Next.

Personalized Purchase Recommendations are more relevant suggestions for the PlayStation Store. Personalized advertising works in the same way as other controls on the web. It uses your browsing data and shows more relevant ads.

Once you confirm, you will be prompted to verify your email address. Next, open your email inbox and click the Verify now button within the email from Sony. Once you are done, choose Already Verified.

You can use the buttons below to send the email again or change your sign in address. Also, check your spam folder.

Your PlayStation account is now complete! It is now possible to log into your PlayStation console and the web interface.

How to create a Network Account on a PlayStation 4

The majority of the steps to create a PSN account for your console are the same ones as the above. We won’t repeat the steps here to avoid duplicates.

You can sign in to PlayStation Network if you have an existing user profile on your PS4 and have not signed up for it yet.

You can now jump to the “PSN Account Registration Steps” header.

To create a new user profile for your PS4 and connect to your PSN account, press the PS button from your controller. This will open the Quick menu. To delete your current profile, click Power > Log out of PS4.

To reconnect your controller press the PS button. Next, on the screen select New user. To create a permanent profile on your PS4, choose Create User

Accept these terms, and then, when the PlayStation Network prompt appears, select Next.

Steps to create a PS4 PSN account

Select New to PlayStation Network. To create an account and tie it with your PS4 user profile, click on Sign Up Now.

You will need to input your country, language, and birth date on the first screen. You may then need to input regional information such as your state and postal code.

Next, enter your email address. Here are the boxes for marketing and notifications.

Next, your PS4 will prompt you to create an avatar for your account. There are many options available, so choose your favorite. You can always change it later.

Next, set your Online Id and then enter your name. You will need to pay to modify your username later. If your chosen name isn’t available, you will be notified.

Configuring your Account Privacy and Finalizing on 4

You’ll be able to modify your account’s privacy settings on the next pages. This includes who can view what games you have played and who can send friend requests and messages. For more information, see our guide to organizing the content of your PS4.

Now, accept the usage conditions, and you will see the successful account creation message. Last, verify your email. Click the link in your email from PlayStation and then choose Already verified.

The next step is to add a cover photo to your PlayStation account. Next, you will be able to choose to set up two-step authentication. For more information, see our guide on setting up two-step verification on PSN.

PlayStation will ask you to enter your mobile number. This can be used to help you access your account again if your password is lost. This will prevent your account from being locked out.

After that, you will see an advertisement for PlayStation Plus. You can choose to skip it by clicking the circle link. Next, you’ll see prompts to create parental controls. If this isn’t necessary, you can simply skip it.

The PlayStation will then confirm that you have been added to the console. You can also add your face to your PlayStation Camera for easier login, but this is optional.

Your account is now complete.

How to create a PlayStation Network account on a PS5

Do you have a PlayStation 5? To create a new PSN profile using your existing PS5 profile, click on the profile picture at top-right and select Profile.

To get started, select Sign in and Create an account from the screen. Jump down to the “PSN account creation steps on PS5” heading.

To create a new account on your PS5 to use the new PSN account, click the profile picture in the top-right corner of your home screen. Then choose Log out. To reconnect your controller, hit the PS button and then choose Create User.

To create a permanent account, select Get Started from the next selection. After agreeing to the terms of service, hit Confirm. To proceed, select Create an account from the left side.

PS5 Steps to Create a PSN Account

Enter your birthday to begin the account creation process. Next, confirm your language and country.

Next, enter your email address. Create a strong password for your PSN account or your email address. Next, you will need to enter your real name. You can choose whether or not you would like to receive marketing notifications.

Next, enter the information about your home. After you have entered the postal code, your City or State will be filled automatically.

Next, select an avatar from the options available to you for your profile. Next, you’ll need to choose your online ID. Make sure it is available. If you prefer, enter your selection or choose one of the suggested options.

Privacy, data sharing, and confirmation

Next, choose a privacy profile from among the options. After reviewing the options, choose Apply or Review and Customize for more control. To have more control, choose Customize Setting to modify them all manually.

Next, you will need to choose whether you want all or limited gameplay data shared with PlayStation. Next, choose if personalized store recommendations or advertising are desired.

Continue reading the Terms and Policies for PSN. Next, check the box to confirm . Next, you will need to confirm your email address by clicking on the button in the message PlayStation delivers. After that, you can choose Already Verified from your console.

Next, you’ll be able to see instructions on how to secure your PS5 account and a prompt for 2FA activation. Once you have added your phone number to the account, it’s now possible to use your PSN account on PS5.

You now have a PlayStation Network account!

This is all you need to set up a PSN account online, on your PS4 and on your PS5. They are easy to set up, no matter if you want to create a new account or if you haven’t signed up since your first console arrived.

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