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How to Add Phone app back to Home Screen on iPhone

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Is the Phone app disappearing from your iPhone suddenly? You might want to restore the iPhone’s phone icon in this case. The Phone app is one the most essential and frequently used apps on smartphones. However, you don’t need to be worried if the Phone app isn’t available on your iPhone.

How do I get the iPhone’s deleted Phone app back?

Did you accidentally delete the Phone icon from your iPhone’s home screen while hiding it? If so, you may be trying to restore the Phone app. You can’t redownload or reinstall the Phone application on an iPhone. You cannot also update the Phone app manually, as it automatically updates with iOS updates.

It is embedded in the OS, so the Phone app is just like Safari or Messages. The Phone app cannot be deleted or Offloaded, unlike a few pre-loaded apps like GarageBand and iMovie.

The Phone app, along with your call history and favorite contacts, is still available on your iPhone. You may not see the app because you moved it from Dock to another folder or home screen.

You can put the Phone app back on the iPhone’s home screen by following these steps. Let’s now see how to restore the Phone icon on iPhone with iOS14 or iOS15.

How to restore iPhone’s Phone app from the Home Screen

You can restore the Phone app or add it back to your iPhone using one of these methods.

App Library for iOS 14 and later

  1. Open the Social folder in the App Library. [Refer to How do I find App Library]
  2. Look out for the Phone App.
  3. To enable the jiggle mode, press and hold an empty spot on the screen.
  4. Hold the Phone app icon in your left hand and drag it to Dock at the bottom of the iPhone.
  5. After moving the app, tap ‘Done.

Spotlight Search

Spotlight Search can be used to find the phone icon missing from the Dock or Home Screen. This works for iOS 13.

To access it, swipe down from the home screen. In the search box at the top, type phone. Now you can see the name of the app folder in which the Phone application is located. Move ‘Phone’ from this folder to your main screen or dock.

TIP If your Phone does not appear in Spotlight Search, then go to Settings > Phone > Siri & Search. Turn on the toggle next to “Show app in search” in the While Searching section.

In the App Library, search for Phone

You can search the App Library for Phone if you don’t find it in the social group.

To access this, swipe to the App Library webpage and search for Phone. Hold the Phone app icon until the phone is placed back on the iPhone Dock. Drag and place the app into the dock.

Alternate Way Long-press the Phone icon from App Libray to select “Add To Home Screen”. The add to your home screen option will not appear if you already have the Phone app on your home screen, in an App Folder, or on one of the hidden pages.

Hidden home screen pages: Missing Phone icon

If you hide the Phone app’s page in iOS 14, or later, it may not appear.

To hide the Phone app

  1. Press a large area of your screen that is not being used.
  2. Tap the page buttons at the bottom of Edit mode.
  3. Pay attention to the hidden page containing the Phone app.
  4. To unhide a particular page in an app, tick the box.
  5. Hit “Done”.

Reset your Home Screen Layout

This is the easiest way to restore your home screen layout on an iPhone/iPad. This method will not only rearrange your apps but also remove widgets from the home screen.

Go to Settings > General > To reset the default home screen on iOS 14, click “Reset”. To confirm, select the “Reset home screen layout” option and then tap “Reset home screen”.

You can also check this article for a reset of your iOS home screen.

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