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Do I need an additional mouse pad?

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The quick answer is that it’s not always. The exact answer will come down to the kind that mouse you’re using as well as your the personal preferences you have. The following sections discuss what kinds of mice require an the mouse pad and why it’s still a good idea to have one even though it’s they are not necessary.

What types of mice will require pads for their mouse?

(Mechanical mouse)

The first model of the mouse also referred by the name of the mechanical mouse that didn’t make use of lights to gauge movement, like the laser and optical counterparts. Instead, it was an extremely hard rubber ball that moved with the mouse’s movements through the air, turning tiny wheels inside the device. The motion would send signals to a computer which was utilized in order to shift on the the mouse’s cursor across the screen in a similar manner. Since the input was collected through physical movement and movement, a mouse pad proved extremely useful for providing a surface for a rubber ball to grip to make it easier for the ball to achieve more precise movements.

The bottom line: With mechanical mice pads, it is not a necessity however it can greatly enhance the performance of your mouse and improve accuracy.

Laser and optical mice

Optical vs Laser Mouse: Which is the Best Mouse for Gaming?

The latest versions of computer mouse use an infrared light source to determine distance and translate it. The first one, known by the name of the optical mouse uses the infrared LED as well as the second is known as the laser mouse makes use of a concentrated light beam. Both of these technologies basically bounce light off the surface and take note of and store the reflection information. When the mouse is able to receive input, it’s captured by an CMO sensor, and then sent to the computer for conversion to cursor movement.

Optic mice may struggle with high-reflective glass and reflective surfaces due to their limited degree of penetration. However laser mice don’t suffer from this problem and can operate on any surface including glass.

The bottom line: Optical mice need pads for your table or desk is reflective or glass, however laser mice don’t.

What are the advantages of using the mouse pad?

What Are the Advantages of Using a Mouse Pad?

It doesn’t matter if you’ll need an electronic mouse, these provide a few additional advantages.

  • The performance of mouse Mouse pads are constructed from materials that allow for constant tracking and soft and comfortable device movements across their surfaces. They can also help extend the battery life of wireless mice.
  • Comfort and ease of use Mouse pads enhance your comfort by providing your hands a cushioned surface. Additionally desktop-wide versions ( mouse mats) help keep your keyboard in position.
  • Protecting your surface After a few minutes the motion of your hands and mouse across your desk could wear or scratch the surface. The use of a mouse pad provides an additional layer of protection for furniture.
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