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A Social Security Number Is Unintenionally Shared By Nicky Minaj

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Nicki Minaj may be a popular rapper, but she has a past she doesn’t mind sharing. Minaj shared a rare photo of her 2003 mugshot, which she recently opened up to her fans. It was bold, but she quickly hit delete.

Although Minaj may have removed the mugshot from Instagram after it was released, it is still available through Twitter. After she released it to the public, Nicki Minaj’s photo was taken down by several fans.

Nicki’s caption for her now-deleted Instagram photo was a candid discussion about her past and how she overcame a past that made her feel like she “was in a ghetto film.” She also confessed that she had shot a girl.

“It took many years for me to see these things. Criminal possession with intent to use. It was used, though. It is inspiring to reflect on this. The little girl had a lot of blood in her system and was admitted to the hospital for several days. It was reported that I would be deported. I was terrified. LOL. I thought I was in the ghetto. I ran away with my car, hiding it in my aunt’s Brooklyn home. Bwahahahaha. #Growth.”

After her 2003 weapons arrest, Nicki Minaj was able to find better days. Many of her fans heard her message loud and clear.


Minaj was arrested for criminal possession with intent to use a weapon. This was evident in her mugshot. It was also obvious that her social security number was visible. This could have been why she quickly deleted the image.

Below is her mugshot. We have also posted versions where the social security number has been blurred.


Nicki Minaj has lived almost 18 years since that fateful day. She might not wish to remember. To recall that moment, she has a mugshot. Fans can now keep that photo, even if she deletes it.

What makes you think Nicki Minaj deleted Nicki’s mugshot right after she posted it? Comment below!

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