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What is WSAPPX, exactly? What causes high CPU/Disk usage

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The entry WSAPPX may have appeared in Task Manager. Its unusual names can raise suspicion. Secondly, it can often use a lot more CPU and disk resources.

In this article, we will cover the WSAPPX process, what it does, and how to deal effectively with high CPU and hard drive usage.

What exactly is WSAPPX

WSAPPX allows users to install, uninstall, and manage Universal apps using the Microsoft Store. This feature is not available on Windows 7 (or earlier). This process won’t be available for these Windows versions.

To locate it open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift + Esc. To view the Details view, click on the Processes tab. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find it.

To expand the task manager, you can see two subprocesses. Windows 8 contains WSService and Windows Store Service. Windows 10 will have ClipSVC. This is shorthand to Client License Services.

Windows 10/Windows 8 both include ApXSVC, and the Mobile Delivery Service.

What are WSAPPX and its related processes?

Although it may sound complex due to the technical terms, this is actually not. ClipSVC along with WebService “provide infrastructure support for the Microsoft Store.” These processes manage to license. Store apps won’t run if they are disabled.

AppXSVC allows you to deploy apps.

It is possible to also extract AppX files containing the Extension from any location in order to sideload Android Apps onto your computer.

Sub-processes running under the main WSAPPX process will cause an increase of its usage.

WSAPPX in most cases will not be active if you’re using the Microsoft Store. WSAPPX requires more resources to either download an app, or install an upgrade.

This isn’t a problem for Store apps. Instead of running WSAPPX, the new program will run on your CPU, hard drive, and other resources.

It is possible for WSAPPX not to be disabled even though you haven’t used the Microsoft Store app or any of its apps. This could happen because apps are constantly being updated.

How do I stop store applications from automatically updating

It is very easy to disable automatic Store application updates.

This will prevent you from triggering future app updates. Click the Menu again to select Downloads and Updates. You can then check for updates by clicking on the Get Updates button.

Can I store apps that I don’t need?

Windows 10 doesn’t require the Microsoft Store.

The Xbox App offers many gaming features. If you don’t have an app installed, the Photos and Mail apps work fine. You can also access your phone’s data from your computer using apps like Your Phone.

The WSAXX tool will show you additional usage for any given item.

It is hard for most people to remember that updates are required every now and then.

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End Bloatware and Terminate Background Apps

While we discourage you from disabling automatic upgrading, there are still steps that you can follow to make sure Store apps do not run when you don’t need them.

The first is to delete bloatware software from your computer. You don’t need to update these apps in the background.

For a list of all installed apps, visit Setting > Apps > Apps & Features. To get rid of an app, right-click on it and choose Disable.

After you have deleted any apps you don’t want, there will be only a few apps left. WSAPPX is less likely to need more resources if there’s fewer apps on the Store.

Apps running in the background should be stopped. To toggle this per app, go to Settings> Privacy> Background apps.

Disable background applications. It can’t check for notifications or perform other tasks if it’s not being used.

To completely disable background apps, you can switch the Let Apps Run Background slider located at its top. This is not an alternative.

How do I stop the WSAPPX Process From Happening?

Windows considers WSAPPX a serious system process. Windows will warn you if you try to terminate it using the Task Manager.

WSAPPX doesn’t start or stop at a time that is convenient for you. Windows handles most resource-intensive tasks very well.

You can find more information at Fixing App and Microsoft Store Problems.

WSAPPX Essential and Simple

The following information is about WSAPPX. To reduce the amount of CPU and disk resources used by WSAPPX you can stop Store apps running in the background, uninstall them, and disable automatic update (if necessary).

There is no need to worry if WSAPPX has a high usage of resources.

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