Here is the solution to your Jio network issues

The internet and other communication technologies have made the world smaller than ever before. In a way that it allows us to connect with people from different parts of the globe, the internet is a very important tool. Jio is the most well-known name in India if you look at the situation. Jio was introduced to the market earlier than many other telecommunications companies, but it is now more popular than any of them in terms of its customer base. The Jio network has a significant number of users. We discovered that many people are searching for Jio network problems. We decided to immediately address the issue based on a large number of people searching for it.

Common problems with jio networks

This country has a large number of smartphone users, and this number is growing. Weak signals are the most common problem for jio users. There are many solutions for this problem. While some solutions to jio network problems might work for some people, others may work better for all. Let’s see which solution can solve your weak signal issue.

Check that the SIM card is in slot 1.

Most smartphones of today support dual SIM cards. If you want your Jio SIM to work smoothly on your smartphone, it is a good idea to place your SIM card in one of the slots.

According to a survey by the popular tech blog GADGET SKOOL, most network issues are caused by incorrect SIM placement. You should be careful when inserting your SIM card into your device.

Check that your phone supports LTE.

Another important aspect to be aware of is LTE settings. If your smartphone has the wrong LTE settings, it will not catch the correct signal. This is how to set up LTE properly on your smartphone.

  • Next, open Settings and tap on Mobile Network.
  • Once you have landed in the Mobile Networks menu click on Preferred Networks Type, then choose LTE from the drop-down list.

This issue might be fixed by now. If your phone still cannot receive the signal, there are other options.

Clear your cache

The internet speed will slow down if you don’t clear the cache every few days. If you can’t recall when the cache was cleared, it is time to do so. This will solve any issues you have with internet speed. It varies depending on which brand your smartphone is. You will find the settings to do this in Settings. Clearing cache and cookies will greatly improve signal strength.

Modify the APN settings

This solution might work for you if none of the above solutions to jio network problems have worked. This is how it works.

  • Look in the Settings section of your phone for the option Mobile Network. You might also see this as a Cellular network on some brands.
  • If you have more than one SIM card installed on your phone you will need to select the SIM card you wish to change the Settings.
  • Once you have reached the Settings page, click on “Access Point Name”.
  • You will now see the ‘+’ symbol in your phone. This is the information that you need to enter.
  • Name – Jio
  • APN – JioNet
  • Proxy – As always
  • Port – As always
  • APN Protocol – IPv4/IPv6
  • Type of MVNO – None
  • APN Roaming Protocol IPv4/IPv6
  • APN Type – As usual
  • Multimedia Message Proxy: As usual
  • Server –
  • MMSC – As usual
  • MCC – 405
  • Authentication – CHAP or RAP
  • MNC – 871
  • Multimedia Message Port: As usual
  • Username – Based on your preference
  • Password – As per usual

Last words

We’ve provided enough solutions to help you solve your network problems. We hope that one of these solutions has worked for you. If you still haven’t found a solution, contact customer support.

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