Artificial intelligence and its impact on everyday life

Behind the curtains, artificial intelligence and machine learning are used in so many fascinating ways to transform our daily lives. Our lives are significantly impacted by AI. AI can assist us in every part of our lives, whether we are trying to read our emails, receive driving directions, or discover recommendations for music or movies.

Many people think that artificial intelligence only has an influence on the lives of large tech businesses and has no bearing on our lives. In truth, however, many individuals are constantly exposed to AI, yet we still don’t take it seriously.

Our ancestors called any actions taken to make life simpler by people “supernatural talents” or “magic,” and we now call the same actions “technology.” Complicated algorithms that swap out magic tricks perform the illusion. Although most people are unaware of it, artificial intelligence has been supporting us in our daily lives for a very long time.

Artificial intelligence isn’t just the stuff of science fiction writers’ fantasies anymore; with new technologies being developed every day, it’s about to silently or overtly intrude into our daily lives. Artificial intelligence is helping a lot of businesses.

Many service providers like Cox are using AI to anticipate the needs of their customers and deliver them what they want before they even realize it. Users can get their hands on multiple Cox internet plans best suited to their needs. No matter which plans you get, the AI will keep a track of your usage and will offer you suggestions regarding the services you might need in the future. That’s how companies upsell.

Many big web platforms, including Google and YouTube, use artificial intelligence in various capacities. We just don’t know how they are playing with it but if we do some research, it won’t be difficult to learn.

We’ll demonstrate how artificial intelligence is used in daily life in this blog. Here are some examples of how artificial intelligence is used in regular operations:

  • Social networking
  • Face recognition technology
  • Digital assistants
  • Banking sector

Social Networking

Social media algorithms are significantly impacted by artificial intelligence (AI) in a number of different ways. It makes it easier for users of social media sites to connect with and converse with their friends and professional contacts.


To improve the user experience, Twitter has incorporated artificial intelligence into its platform in a number of ways. The user experience has been enhanced through the application of artificial intelligence. By using deep neural networks to gradually learn user preferences, they have helped make Twitter the most popular social networking platform.

Twitter AI uses algorithms to highlight tweets that contain hate speech or encourage terrorism in order to identify racist and bigoted content as well as content from extremist groups.


Facebook receives status updates from over 2 billion users every minute, and the company utilizes the data in several ways. Even when you come across AI magic frequently, you are not only aware of it. Have you ever wondered why we see adverts for the products or movies we like or find interesting?

The business uses Facebook users’ data to provide the users with just the content they want to see. All of this is made possible by artificial intelligence, which collects information from virtually all of the applications we use.

That explains why, after updating our bio, we start seeing course advertisements relevant to our field of study or, if we watch Money Heist on Netflix, we start seeing Money Heist clips on our feeds.

Many businesses utilize various social media platforms to market their services to a targeted market that is interested in the services or goods they provide. Only people who are discussing it on social media platforms or looking for it online will see their ads in their newsfeeds. Many other social media platforms, like Instagram, are using AI and big data to address issues like cyberbullying and better target advertising.

The volume of data offered increases along with the increase in users. Many companies today employ artificial intelligence to enhance the user experience and get rid of spam and improper information.

Face recognition technology

When you get up in the morning, what do you do first? I assume you check your phone. Not only you, but practically everyone experiences it. We check our phones as soon as we get up, and as technology develops and new ones appear, such as face ID, artificial intelligence is crucial in making that capacity possible.

Apple was the first to create the Face ID feature, but today every smartphone has one, and everyone is utilizing artificial intelligence in a number of ways to improve the lives of their consumers and offer them new products.

Digital assistant

Numerous digital assistants, like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, help users carry out daily chores. Digital assistants help users in many different ways. From scheduling meetings to doing specialized internet searches to sending commands to different applications, these assistants are simplifying our lives. Numerous actions are possible without opening the app, like asking Siri to play your preferred song.

Artificial intelligence (AI), a crucial element of the operation of many applications, learns from every user interaction.

Banking sector

Our financial systems employ banking artificial intelligence for several functions, such as detecting fraud and managing various security issues. Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a significant role in our financial systems’ commitment to transaction security. When you do things like log into your online banking app or receive a low-balance warning, Artificial Intelligence is working behind the scenes to make it all possible.

Wrapping it up

Our lives have been considerably streamlined by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is used to power a variety of platforms and services that assist us in carrying out daily tasks like contacting friends, utilizing email, or using ride-sharing services.

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