What is the Difference Between Bluetooth and WiFi?

You’ve probably seen the Bluetooth and WiFi symbols on your smartphone, laptop, or other modern electronic devices. This article will discuss the differences between Bluetooth, WiFi, and how to use Bluetooth without WiFi.

Bluetooth vs. WiFi

Bluetooth and WiFi are both possible to connect your devices wirelessly. WiFi, however, can be used to connect to the internet.

It is essential to understand the differences between Bluetooth and WiFi in order to be able to distinguish them.

What’s WiFi?

WiFi can be used to connect devices to the internet via wireless technology.

WiFi allows you to surf the internet wirelessly without needing to use a phone line or cable outlet.

WiFi receivers are available in many laptops, desktops and tablets.

A WiFi symbol indicates that a device can connect wirelessly with the internet.

Your router’s quality will determine how strong your WiFi signal is. We have more information about WiFi signal strength in our article How To Test Your WiFi Speed.

It is possible to connect to the internet. Files can be transferred wirelessly between two computers.

What’s Bluetooth?

Bluetooth allows data transfer between electronic devices over short distances. Bluetooth can also be used to connect your smartphone to a Bluetooth speaker, or your computer to a Bluetooth keyboard.

Bluetooth transmits data using radio signals just like WiFi. Bluetooth does not require you to set a password to connect to a device.

Pairing Bluetooth devices will usually require a press and hold technique. Next, choose the headphones from the list of Bluetooth devices on your computer.

Bluetooth doesn’t require passwords for connecting to devices. Bluetooth connections are less secure than WiFi because they require passwords to connect to devices.

Bluetooth was initially created to connect wireless devices without cables. Bluetooth supports keyboards, mice, and headphones.

A Bluetooth symbol indicates that a device can connect wirelessly with other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Bluetooth is used to connect to your phone using wireless headphones or speakers. Bluetooth connects to your computer to a wireless keyboard/mouse.

Bluetooth with WiFi: Can Bluetooth be used?

Bluetooth allows data to be transferred between devices without a WiFi connection. To work correctly, many Bluetooth devices require a WiFi signal.

Send documents over a wireless network. If you use a Bluetooth printer, you might not need WiFi.

Now you’re familiar with the differences in Bluetooth and WiFi, check out our article on the differences between modems and routers.

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