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IKEA to Sell Solar Panels in the US — Here’s How to Get One

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IKEA will soon sell solar panels in its US stores after it has partnered with SunPower Corp. to bring green energy directly home.

Swedish home retailer, Homeshop Sweden, announced that it has partnered SunPower Corp. in order to offer solar products to US homeowners

IKEA sells solar panels

According to a Teslarati news story, the green energy solution of this Scandinavian company will be released under its Home Solar line with IKEA.


Javier Quinone (Cedar Executive Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer at IKEA USA) stated that the company’s upcoming solar solution is part its mission to provide clean energy services.

IKEA US boss stated that Home Solar with IKEA would allow more people to have greater control over their energy consumption.

According to the CEO, IKEA plans to distribute more clean energy products in future to its giant Swedish retailer.

Moreover, according to the latest report from Solar Builder Megathe CEO and founder of SunPower, Peter Faricy stated that they are excited to announce their partnership with IKEA for solar solutions.

Faricy stated that IKEA and Faricy can work together to bring solar power to more people, as well as share the common value of having a positive effect on the planet.

IKEA Solar Panels: How To Get One

It is possible for members of IKEA Family customers loyalty program to purchase the new solar energy products at its retail stores, once they are available.

IKEA US also revealed that the company’s solar solutions, which were made possible by SunPower Corp., will be available sometime in the Fall 2022. It will be available in California’s retail stores, where it was first introduced by the Swedish-founder company.

Teslarati reported that IKEA’s latest plan to sell solar panels directly from its US retail stores brings clean energy closer to customers.

It’s worth noting that IKEA is a trusted source for homeowners in the US who want to find everything they need in one place. The retailer has added solar solutions to its expanding range of home products.

IKEA Solar vs. Tesla Energy

A recent article from Business Insider stated that Home Solar with IKEA has become a direct competitor to Tesla Energy.

Tesla Energy, like IKEA’s clean energy offering in the future, also offers solar solutions for American consumers.

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