How to Decorate Your Refrigerator to Match Your Aesthetic

Once you have invested in the best fridge from the top 5 star rated refrigerators in India, you may be wondering how you can ensure that it fits your kitchen décor and aesthetic preferences. If you are indeed looking to up your fridge décor game, you can rely on painting it or using laminate sheets to make your fridge look unique and brand new.

This fridge decorating technique is exactly what you need if you want your kitchen to look like the ones in magazines. It’s because this isn’t an appliance that we replace on a regular basis, and it can become unsightly with time, even though it functions perfectly. You can “renew” it every year or as often as you like with this process!

Keep in mind that while this approach is straightforward, it does take time. Plan your food and purchases such that you won’t need the fridge for at least two to three days, and possibly longer if the weather is humid. Borrow room in your friends’ freezers to store all the food you have there and eat the fresh ones till you can empty it without wasting it if you need it.

The Initial Steps

Unplug the refrigerator when it’s empty and use the time to clean it thoroughly, both inside and exterior. You can work in the kitchen by moving it around, or you can gently transport it to a more comfortable location, always indoors in case the weather turns against us.

Remove the freezer and refrigerator doors by unscrewing the fastening screws once they are clean and dry. Don’t worry, the doors are simple to replace after you’re finished. Then, using paper masking tape, cover the places you don’t want to paint, and build a kind of door that covers the interior by using newspaper (or other) in full pieces, leaving only the edges visible. Repeat for the back, making careful to cover the entire engine to avoid future damage.

How to Paint a Fridge: Step-by-Step Instructions

Apply a moderate sanding to the exterior of the fixture while wearing work clothing, goggles, a mask, and latex gloves to remove any remaining debris and make the surface more receptive to paint. You don’t need to rub too hard; just gently and in circular motions would suffice.

The most exciting aspect is yet to come: painting the fridge! It’s recommended to use a synthetic enamel spray or an electric sprayer to finish the job. Another method is to use a little roller, which will take a little longer (it is the cheapest alternative). To guarantee excellent coverage and a more stunning finish, apply two or even three thin layers, depending on the colour you’ve chosen.

Keep in mind that you must let it dry for at least 4 hours between applications: it’s a good idea to apply the first coat in the evening, let it dry overnight, and then apply the second coat of colour the next morning. As a result, around midday, you’ll assess whether a third is required. Put the door back in place by tightening the screws now that the paint is right, and don’t forget to decorate the fasteners and other pieces to match the new design of your fridge.

Design Alternatives

To give the refrigerator a modern and excellent look, choose matte or gloss finish paints, as well as metallic tones. After the paint has dried, you can create patterns with paper masking tape to create designs with varied colours and finishes. If your refrigerator is prone to scratches and you’re concerned about wear and tear, simply add a final coat of clear varnish to ensure complete protection.

Return the gadget to its original location after finishing your task, remove the adhesive tapes and papers, and let it rest for 12 hours before attaching it owing to the movement it would have experienced. Plug it in and wait for it to reach the perfect temperature before filling it with all of your favourite foods and relaxing in your new kitchen, which you created by just painting the refrigerator.

Fitting It In

Alternatively, you can also consider other ways to camouflage your refrigerator into the aesthetic of your kitchen. Often, painting might be too time consuming or may simply not be feasible to do in your home. In such situations you can rely on PVC stick-ons, or lamination sheets.

Below you will find some tips to decorate the refrigerator in way that integrates it in your kitchen, without painting:

There is a trick that we may use to take the decoration and setting of the kitchen to the next level. It’s all about hiding the fridge by decorating it to look like the kitchen furniture around it or using other textures of your choice. To do so, we utilise three-dimensional appliqués on thin, light-weight sheets and laminates, which allow the refrigerator to function normally while also integrating it into the space. 

Measure the measurements of your refrigerator or refrigerator carefully, taking into account whether it is built-in or visible, as well as the size of its sides, to design it in the style of kitchen furniture. Considering the dimensions, you should go for laminated plates that mimic the grain of the kitchen furniture’s wood, or the texture and substance in issue.

Unplug the refrigerator once the sheets are ready to be placed, with good, laminated edges and handles in place. Apply contact cement to the refrigerator doors and sides to secure this thin, lightweight laminate. To ensure smooth functioning and movement, file it first, then secure the laminate with masking or painter’s tape and open and close the door.

Then, for a proper fastening, apply the laminate and leave it fastened with tapes. Then you can start using this fridge that is built into the kitchen cabinetry. Remember to leave enough room in the back for air circulation and ventilation in the motor.

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