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How to Block a Sender in iCloud Mail

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This article explains how you can create a rule in iCloud Mail to block certain email addresses. All blocked emails are automatically moved to the Trash folder. They are quickly deleted so that you don’t have to open or see them again.

In iCloud Mail, you can block a sender

To send messages to the Trash and block senders:

  1. Sign up to iCloud Mail, and choose an email from a sender you wish to block. You don’t need to open the email.
  2. You can view mailboxes if you click the right arrow ( Display Mailboxes ) in the upper-left corner.

  3. In the lower-left corner, select the gear symbol ( Show actions menu).

  4. From the menu, select Rules.

  5. Select In the upper-right corner of the popup box, add a Rule

  6. Select Is from in the drop-down menu.

  7. Please enter the email address that you wish to block. If the sender was selected at the beginning, the sender’s email address will be automatically entered.
  8. Select Move To Trash from the menu.

  9. Select Done. Select Done on the next screen.

Why would you want to block a sender?

Did you ever sign up for a newsletter and then not read it? Unsubscribing does not stop emails from reaching your inbox. Are you a distant relative or ex-coworker who sends 648 jokes per day? Perhaps you are being harassed by email. Whatever the reason, iCloud offers a convenient solution to block emails that you don’t want to receive.

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