How to Split Screen on iPhone

The saying might need to be changed today. Splitting the screen of an iPhone is possible. This makes it at least twice as fun as using one display. This feature allows you to use multiple websites and apps simultaneously. This article will show you how to use iPhone Split Screen and all the details you need.

Apple can be a little skeptical about this mode, and it is not easy to access. Below, we’ll demonstrate how to use this feature. We also explain the limitations of the model and how to still get all the benefits from a split-screen. Do you want to use split-screen mode on your iPhone? Let’s see what the next article has to say.

Split Screen Mode isn’t available on all models

Split-screen isn’t something iOS users use all the time. It is a very useful feature that iPhone screen splitters offer, but it is not well-known by Apple users. Why is this? The reason is actually quite simple. There is no official iPhone split-screen mode.

Not at least for the iPhones. If there is, the mode integrated into the iOS menu isn’t a classic iPhone split-screen mode (more details in the next section).

The model of your device will determine if it has the appropriate mode. The model can only be used with higher iPhone models. These models include all iPhones starting at 6 with the suffix Plus Max or Pro.

This means that you can use Split Screen mode if you have an iPhone 6s Plus. The mode is also available for iPhone 11 Pro users. Users of older models (such as the iPhone 6 or 8), will have to be content without the mode.

How do you split the screen of an iPhone?

The iPhone Split Screen Mode is available for higher iPhone models. You can find it in your menu and turn it on. It is hidden in the iOS menu so it’s hard to find at first glance.

You can split the screen of your iPhone by going to Settings > Display and Brightness > Display > Zoom> Set > Use Zoom.

To split your screen, you can simply hold your iPhone horizontally or crosswise. When you open an app, turn your iPhone sideways to switch to iPhone Split Screen mode.

This mode displays the open app and additional information like mail notifications, time and calendar, incoming messages and reminders, contacts, settings, and other Apple internal information.

This is not a true iPhone split-screen mode, but rather a reduced version that displays additional iOS information. It is possible to unlock additional features, such as an iPhone Split Screen, by performing a “jailbreak”. Apple’s jailbreak process isn’t authorized and presents many security risks.

Option iPhone Split Screen mode

Apple’s screen splitting feature is quite limited. It is only available on certain devices and it is not a true split-screen mode. Is there a way to show two contents simultaneously on an iPhone?

This makes navigation on the iPhone even more fun. Special apps are the best way to go. You can find many apps in the App Store that simulate a split-screen iPhone on your device.

Many apps can display multiple screen contents simultaneously or even on top of one another. Here are the top four apps.

This guide is a great read. You might also be interested in Transfer data to the New iPhone

WebDuo Pro

Pro is one of the best iPhone apps to use split-screen mode. This app allows you to view two websites simultaneously. The function is not available for simultaneous use with other apps.

This means you cannot use a split-screen with this app for browsers such as Safari or Google Chrome. However, it will not work for apps such as Instagram or WhatsApp. WebDuo Pro will cost you $1.99.

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