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LG TV will not turn on (You need to try this FIRST)

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The problem is common to all LG TVs: They won’t turn off.

Many LG TV owners have experienced this problem. Some say it’s been an ongoing problem for years.

LG TV won’t turn on

If the LG TV will not turn on, it is time to reset it. Wait 60 seconds before unplugging your TV. After unplugging the TV, hold down power for 30 seconds. When the 60 seconds are up, turn on your LG TV again.

Unplug LG TV wall

This is a simple way to get your LG TV on.

Before you plug it in, wait at least 60 second.

Take 30 seconds to unplug the TV. Next, locate the power button for the LG TV. It is important that you only hold the power button of your TV and not your remote.

This will reduce the remaining power and allow your TV to soft reset. This is not the same as turning on/off the remote.

After the 60 second time limit is over, connect the TV to the power socket and it will turn on again.


This should solve about 80%. For the remaining 20%, however, this can prove difficult. These are the steps that will get your LG TV working again.

How to remove batteries from remotes

If your TV still doesn’t output HDMI, you can unplug the device and reconnect it.

You must remove both batteries from the remote.

After you have removed the batteries, hold the power button of your remote for 30 second. Do this for 30 seconds. This should take 30 seconds, not 10.

You can then put the batteries back in the remote and turn the TV on again after the 30 second expires. The TV should now turn on.

It is worth looking into buying new batteries to be sure.

You can factory reset your LG TV for a permanent solution if you’ve already tried the above steps.

LG TV Factory Reset

You can turn the TV on by disconnecting or plugging the remote batteries.

Next, open All Settings > General > Reset Initial Settings. You will now see the initial setup screen.

This will return your LG TV’s original settings to the date it was purchased. This will wipe all your account settings.

Factory Reset LG TV Without Remote

If you don’t have remote control, you can factory reset the LG TV.

To do this, press the power button on your TV. Depending on the model, it may be on the left-hand side, right-hand side, or bottom.

Hold down the power button for approximately 10 seconds, while the TV’s on. If that fails, you can navigate to Menu >All Setting >General >Reset to Initial Settings.

You have options if the TV is hard to reach or you are having trouble finding the buttons.

Connect a USB keyboard to your LG TV’s back.

The keyboard can also be used to reset or navigate your TV.

LG Smart TV owners can also download the LG ThinQ application for their smartphone.

You can connect your TV with the app and use it as a remote controller!

You can also use the universal remote you already own and just enter the LG code for activation.

You should now be able to resolve all power problems. But, I have added additional steps for you to consider before giving up.

For LG TVs, removable power cord

For power problems, unplug your power cable from the TV’s rear.

It should be unplugged for around 60 seconds. Then, plug it back in.

Before you plug it in, ensure that the connection is tight. It should not be loose. It is vital to ensure that the TV has steady power.

Connect the power cord to the TV and then turn it on by pressing the TV power button.

We hope you see your TV come back to its former glory.

Pick the Right Source of Input

Your LG TV could appear to be not working if you choose the wrong input source. The correct input source is essential to ensure your TV runs properly.

You should double-check the HDMI port number that you are using, regardless of whether your streaming device or DVD player is being used. As shown in this example, you would set the TV’s HDMI port to “HDMI2”.

To select the best input source, there are two options:

Method 1: Remote Control to Allow Input Source

  1. Turn on the TV
  2. You can use the remote control for the Source button
  3. Choose the input method you prefer

Method 2: Change input source without remote control

  1. Turn on the TV
  2. The MENU button is located on the bottom or side panel of the TV.
  3. The volume button can be used to navigate to the source options.
  4. Press the menu button to choose the input source of your choice

On some TVs, you can choose which input source to use.

Find a new power outlet

If you are still having no luck, it is unlikely that this could be the reason.

Sometimes outlets can have a short-circuit or a blown fuse. We don’t know the cause.

Another small appliance could be purchased and plugged into the same socket as your TV.

If the device lights up, that means an outlet is working.

While this is unlikely to be the cause of the problem, it can be a helpful step in troubleshooting.

Backlight broken

It’s possible that the backlight on your LG TV isn’t working.

This is a quick way to verify that the TV is on. Turn the TV on, and use a flashlight close to the screen to illuminate it.


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