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What is the future of the DEX in the VVS Finance price prediction?

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VVS Finance began in November 2021 and has continued to fall since then.


  • What’s VVS Finance (VVS),?
  • Inflationary issues
  • Recent token performance
  • VVS price prediction Expert opinion
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VVS Finance is the largest project on Cronos. It aims to accelerate crypto trading in mainstream markets order matching engine.

The DEX is clearly trying to appeal to users who have less experience in the crypto world or decentralised finance (DeFi) with an intuitive interface and gamification.

Official literature states that the VVS team “determined to create DeFi products to help our aunts and neighbors, with the goal of bringing incredible protocols to the masses”.

But is the project viable? How accurate is the VVS Finance forecast price? It’s worthwhile to take a look at the VVS token before we get into the forecasts.

What is VVS Finance (VVS), and how can it help me?

VVS Finance, a blockchain accelerator startup Particle B, has been ranked 35th as of Friday, March 4. It offers a variety of capabilities, including trading, staking and swaps.

The crypto project calls itself the “gateway for the decentralised finance movement”. It eventually hopes to reach billions. The project is supported by Cronos and major exchange Crypto.com, despite the anonymity of its founders.

VVS Finance’s website explains that users can make income by trading, becoming a liquidity provider, and becoming a VVS miner.

According to the website, liquidity providers who provide a pair or assets can receive tokens from Liquidity Providers (LP) as proof that they are owners. They can earn 0.2% transaction fees depending on how much liquidity they have provided. Holders of liquidity provider tokens (LP) can also stake them to get VVS rewards.

Future use of the VVS token as a governance token, so holders can vote for future developments in the protocol.

VVS Finance is an automated marketplace maker DEX. Automated Market Makers (AMMs) liquidity pools enable digital assets to trade without permission. One entity cannot control the system. This allows for trading 24/7, which is unlike legacy trading.

At first, cryptocurrencies were low in liquidity due to a lack of buyers or sellers. This problem was solved by liquidity pools. Liquidity providers are paid a fee to deposit their assets in order to create liquidity.

AMMs employ a mathematical formula that ensures there is always an asset in the liquidity pool. This, in theory, helps to regulate the prices of assets in liquidity pools.

Automated market maker prices may differ from the market price on other exchanges. Traders are encouraged to profit from this price difference and return to equilibrium.

Inflationary issues

The questionable tokenomics of the exchange caused controversy in February. VVS token’s current circulating supply is 2.29 trillion. This is an enormous amount of coins compared to other DEXs. SushiSwap only has 127.24 millions, while Uniswap boasts 687 million.

Investors are concerned about the token’s inflationary nature. Even though there is a total supply at 36 trillion, that number is expected to rise to 100 trillion in the next ten years. It could be difficult to keep each coin’s value high with so many coins in circulation. This is especially true if the DEX doesn’t attract large numbers of traders to its platform.

How will this information affect a VVS Finance prediction for 2022 A VVS Finance price prediction 2030?

Before we look at the forecasts let’s first examine the performance of VVS.

Recent token performance

The coin soared immediately upon launch, rising from $0.0001123 (22 November 2021) to $0.0001542 (24 November 2021). After dropping to $0.0001154 in November 2021, the coin rose to $0.0001442 on December 3rd 2021. The VVS price started to drop throughout December, falling to $0.00006827 by 13 December 2021 and then to $0.00002382 by 22 January 2022. After rising to $0.00004303 by February 10, 2022, the coin dropped to $0.0000263 by February 24, 2022.

As of March 4, 2022, the coin’s current value is $0.00002784 Over 20% has been lost in the past 30 days.

The maximum supply is 100 trillion coins. There are currently 2.29 trillion. The current market capitalization of the coin is $63.962m.

What does this information mean for a VVS Finance price prediction.

Expert opinion on VVS price prediction

Forecasts are useful in predicting the direction that a token or coin will move. However, it is important to remember that forecasts should be considered possibilities and not absolutes. Long-term forecasts can sometimes be inaccurate, so this is particularly true. This is due to the inherent volatility in the crypto market and the many unknowns that could affect future prices.

Let’s take a look at VVS Finance’s price predictions for Friday, March 4.

Wallet Investor provides a pessimistic outlook indicating that VVS could fall to $0.00000446 over a year, then drop further to an average price of $0.00000420 by February 2025 before rising again to $0.00000444 in March 2026.

Gov.capital has a bearish outlook and predicts that the VVS Finance price prediction in 2023 will be zero.

DigitalCoinPrice predicts that VVS Finance will have an average price of $0.0000406 by 2023, before dropping to $0.0000404 by 2024. VVS Finance’s price prediction for 2025 by DigitalCoinPrice is $0.0000531, while it predicts that it will reach $0.000126 in 2030.

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