How to watch Facebook Live on Mobile and PC

Facebook Live offers a wealth of content. You can watch it on your mobile and PC.

Facebook Live is the live video platform of the social network. You can broadcast live to family, friends and followers. The footage will stream on your News Feed.

There is a wide variety of content on Facebook Live. You will find plenty of funny, creative and thought-provoking videos on Facebook Live. Here’s how you can watch Facebook Live on your mobile and desktop.

( Warning Facebook Live has been used for streaming homicides, sexual assaults, and suicide. While it is rare, we recommend that you monitor what your children are seeing.

Facebook Live: Why is it so popular?

Facebook Live was initially accessible to some users in mid-2016. It became available to all users in January 2017. It is now integrated into the larger Facebook Watch.

It’s easy to see why the platform is so popular.

  • Live videos receive six times the engagement as regular videos on average.
  • Facebook Live videos receive 10 times more comments that regular videos.
  • Facebook Live videos are viewed three times longer than uploaded videos by users.

All this means that 1/5 of all new Facebook videos are now live broadcasts, and live videos receive billions of views each day.

Here’s how to tune in by yourself.

How to watch Facebook Live through the News Feed

You will see the video of someone you are connected to on Facebook, such as a friend, page or group you follow, and they stream it on Facebook Live.

It’s however not an ideal way to find content. The method is dependent on some variables:

  • Facebook relationships are necessary for any type of relationship.
  • Facebook’s algorithm must choose to show you the video in their feed.
  • You must be present on Facebook during the filming of the other person.

How to watch Facebook Live on Desktop

There are two ways to access Facebook Live videos on your desktop.

1. Use the Navigation Panel

Accessing Facebook Live videos is easiest by clicking on the link in the navigation panel to the left of the Facebook News feed. To reveal it, you may have to click See More.

You can click the link to go directly to the Facebook Watch Live section. Scroll down to see sections for live news and popular live videos.

2. Use the URL

By entering the URL into your browser’s address field, you can save time by going directly to Facebook Live from any location on the internet. The URL is This will take you to exactly the same page that the navigation bar method described previously.

A Facebook Live map is no longer available. Blue dots in a map of your area used to allow you to locate nearby broadcasts. However, Facebook removed the feature due to “low usage” in June 2019.

How to watch Facebook Live on Android

You can view Facebook Live on Android via your News Feed, or by using the dedicated link.

Follow the steps below to find the link.

  1. Tap the More tab (3 horizontal lines) at the upper-right corner.
  2. Select in the new menu.
  3. Scroll down to tap Live Video.
  4. Select the video that you wish to view.

How to watch Facebook Live on iOS

You can watch Facebook Live videos on iOS in the same way as Android.

These steps will get you started.

  1. Open the Facebook app.
  2. Click on the More tab at the lower-right corner.
  3. Scroll down to tap Live Video.
  4. Select the video that you wish to view.

There are other ways to find Facebook Live videos

There are other methods you can use to find Facebook Live videos that you don’t see in the Live Video links.

Allow Live Video Notifications

Enabling live video notifications is one of the best ways you can make sure you don’t miss a live stream by someone you follow.

To enable notifications for Facebook Live click the small arrow at the upper-right corner. Next, head to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Notifications. Flip the toggle to the On position.

If you want to disable Facebook Live notifications, do the reverse.

Use Hashtags

Facebook Live streamers use the #live hashtag in order to show when they are live. It’s not a common hashtag, but it can be used to identify specific live streams.

The search bar located at the top right of your desktop’s homescreen can be used to search for the hashtag. You can also add other words to the search bar, such as #live Fortnite, which would bring up videos of players playing the game.

Ask people to share your Facebook Live videos with you

You can share your content with others using the Share option, just like all content on Facebook.

Tell your friends to share Facebook Live videos when they find something of value if you have similar interests.

How to watch old Facebook Live videos

After completing a Facebook Live recording, a person can save the content and add the content to their profile. However, the recording person can choose to disable the feature.

You can now scroll through the timeline of a person to find old Facebook Live videos. Clicking on an old video will load all their broadcasts into one playlist that you can browse.

Warning! Facebook Live may contain adult content

Facebook Live occasionally hosts inappropriate or adult videos. This includes violence and pornography.

Some of it is not planned and can be filed under the “perils associated with live TV”. Some of it is however planned and actively promoted in the darkest corners on the internet.

Facebook’s terms prohibit videos of this nature. However, because they are live, it is extremely difficult to filter out beforehand. You can’t block adult videos in advance.

The content is only a small fraction of the video that’s being watched each day over the past 3,000 years. You would need to be extremely lucky to find it accidentally. It is important to recognize that Facebook Live can contain adult content.

This guide shows you how to find all kinds of videos on Facebook.

You can also watch live streams online in other ways

Facebook Live is one of many services that allows people to stream their content to the public. If you are looking for an alternative, Twitch is a good choice.

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