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Best Discord Servers for Among Us You Should Join

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Among Us is a game that requires interaction between players. Although you can text chat with other players in the game, it is not as interactive and fun as voice chat. The game is based on having a discussion thread each round to identify the fakes. Discord servers are a great place for players to socialize, make new friends, voice chat, join a match, and share ideas. Discord servers are the best place for Among Us players to hang out. Follow our list to find the best Discord servers available for Among Us.

The Best Discord Servers For Us (2022).

We have listed the top Discord servers that are non-toxic, and have support staff, and bots. The table below lists the top Discord servers.

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1. Innersloth

This is the official discord server for Among Us. Innersloth, which has over 383k members worldwide, is the largest Discord server for Among Us. This is the best place to discuss all things Among Us, including hints and metals, spoilers, news, and updates. This server has a great feature: you can find a group to play Among Us and voice chat with them through Discord.

This makes the game more interactive and allows you to quickly locate the impostor via voice chat. You should also remember that the server has very strict rules. If you don’t, you could be banned. Innersloth is a fantastic Discord server for Among Us players. You won’t have to look further than this server.

2. Among Us Global

Another Discord server that has a large user base is Among Us Global. It has more than 139k members, and a rating of 4.4, which indicates that the server is mostly non-toxic. You can also do matchmaking to find players to play Among Us, much like Innersloth. You can also use dedicated voice channels to have audio conversations while you play the game.

One of the greatest things about Among Us Global is the giveaways. You can win a premium version of Among Us or a Steam copy. Among Us Global is a great spot to hang out if you’re looking for fun and freebies, as well as a place where you can win some cool stuff.

3. Among Us

Among Us has over 480k members. All the perks such as matchmaking, giveaways and audio chat are yours. This Among Us Discord server may not be for everyone, especially if it is your first time. Sometimes the server can get quite toxic and moderators must ban everyone.

If someone tries to join your voice chat, you can take down their raider ID. This will allow you to kick them out of the server. There are many Discord bots available to improve your experience. This Discord server will make you feel at home if you are looking for a large group of Among Us players.

4. India is Among Us

If you’re from India and are looking for the best Discord server to join, then Among Us India should be your choice. It is the largest Among Us group in India, with more than 28k members. You can play with other netizens, and you have all the usual features such as voice chat and bot support.

Among Us, India offers other cool community features, such as Karaoke VCs and Game and music Bots. You can also play Brawlhalla and Skribbl on the server’s separate lobbies. Among Us India is a lively community, so you should give it a try.

5. Daddy

Let’s not just judge a server by its name. Daddy is a Discord server that can be used for Among Us as well as other games like Valiant, COD, and League. You can also find other players and enjoy Among Us with all of the cool tools and features. It is also a large community with approximately 237k members.

You can also make voice and support calls just like any other server. This server’s unique feature is the ability to view anime and make new friends. You can also create private groups with your best friends. Overall, Daddy is a fun Discord server that is for Among Us. I’m sure you’ll love it.

Join Daddy

Discord: Find the top Discord Servers

These are the top Among Us Discord servers that you can join to socialize, find a match and share ideas. You can also have voice chat and voice chat. Discord is a great app for Among Us players to chat, find the impostor and make new friends. You can join any of the servers in our list. That’s all we have to say. You can find the best Discord server for Minecraft in our linked article. If you have any questions, please let us know below.

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