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The Top 10 Best Android Live Wallpaper Apps

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Android phones have been extremely user-friendly. With the operating system, users can customize the interface in many ways. You can have different launchers, themes and icons on your Android devices.

The most important customization options for your phone are your home and lock screens wallpapers. You can also add a moving picture to your background–a live wallpaper.

Take a look at our top picks of the best Android live wallpaper apps.

  1. Forest Live Wallpaper

Forest Live Wallpapers offers relaxing backgrounds with many animated options. It can match the outside weather and has fun surprises such as bright stars at Christmas and fireworks in the New Year.

Night settings can be used to make your wallpaper stand out at night. Although it isn’t updated often, the app remains one of the best live wallpapers for Android phones.

2. Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei Live Wallpaper displays a variety of artworks on your lock screen each day. It can also alter the wallpaper between your favorite photos every few hours.

The unique thing about this app is its developer-friendly nature. You can find the source code at code.muzei.co. The source code can be used to create and modify your own live wallpapers.

The ASTEROID App, which is space-themed, lets you change your live wallpaper. This includes the background color, the type and color of the asteroid being shown, as well as the color the asteroid is.

The app is not only a background app but also offers a static mode which will display a photo every ten seconds. This feature is helpful for those who want to save battery while still enjoying their lock screen.

You can upgrade to the premium edition to enjoy more exciting features and unlock other asteroid designs.

  1. Cartogram – Live Map Wallpapers & Backgrounds

Cartogram monitors your location and sets a Wallpaper based on your background. The app’s settings allow you to change the wallpaper the app displays.

The app also comes with a variety of high-quality live wallpapers.

5. Rainpaper

Rainpaper is a collection of the most popular live wallpapers from Reddit. You can use this app to get weather effects such as rain and fog as your background. You can set the frequency, color, and type for raindrops.

Rainpaper allows you to sync with your app’s actual weather using its local weather synchronization function. You can choose any image from your phone to be the background image.

  1. Paperland Live Wallpaper

Paperland Live Wallpaper features paper-cut landscapes that crawl across your phone’s screen. AccuWeather integration means that you can set the sunrise/sunset and even the weather from within the app.

You can choose from one of three wallpaper themes in the free version: silent night, grassy or desert migration. Upgrades are available if you desire more.

  1. Borderlight Wallpaper

Borderlight Live Wallpaper can be a simple, but great idea. This live wallpaper app displays a multicolored, moving border around the screen’s edges. It can be easily adjusted to fit any size screen.

You can also add a normal background picture to go with your edge lighting effect. You can also adjust the size and location of the notch in the app, which will give your background a more professional look.

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