How do I undo iPhone Notes

Notes is a great app for your iPhone/iPad. It’s easy to make mistakes in Notes, especially if you delete or enter incorrect information.

There are many methods to fix a Notes error. We will discuss them below.

How to Undo in Notes with Shake To Undo

You can undo any Notes typing by shaking your iPhone or iPad.

If Undo Typing was accidentally selected, you can restore text. Give your iPhone a second shake. The Redo typing popup will appear. To restore deleted text, or to make a new edit, tap on the red dot.

In iOS and iPadOS, Shake to Undo is automatically enabled.

This will turn it off for all apps including WhatsApp, Twitter, and Gmail.

Use the Undo button to undo a note.

The Shake to Undo function is useful but can be annoying. It all depends on where you’re using your iPhone.


To undo an error made on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can also use the Undo button in Notes.

To undo any error, click on the Markup icon. It’s located at the bottom menu. Tap on it to undo any error.

Use Finger Gestures to Undo a Note

To undo mistakes in Notes, you can also use finger gestures. This is easier for iPad users who have a larger screen. These gestures can be done on an iPhone as well.

Double-tap the screen and use three fingers to undo previous actions. This will undo all previous actions.

To undo an action, swipe three fingers to its right. This will show the Redo notification at the top of the note.

Or, you can tap your screen with three fingers. To undo an act, press the undo button

How to Undo A Note Using An External Keyboard

If you have an external keyboard, it is very easy to undo a mistake.

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