Four Digital Currencies are Suitable for Long-term Investment

An astounding 20,000+ coins/tokens are circulating in the global cryptocurrency marketplace! Therefore, investors are bound to become confused about selecting the right ones for garnering long-term profits. Even some of the trading and investment platform, cannot offer any advice in this regard. 

Fortunately, experienced experts can help. They have concluded that four digital currencies are suitable for future gains. You might also want to consider knowing about electronic currency.


This digital asset is associated with the Dash 2 Trade analytics platform. Currently, its pricing stands at $0.05. As a result, the presale has been a tremendous success, with profits approaching almost $2 million. 

The platform offers useful information, and wonderful resources, for users’ benefit. Such advantages are not possible via open-source analytics tools. For instance, the dashboard explores and provides insights into social indicators. On-chain analytics is possible, thanks to advanced technologies. This way, investors comprehend what crypto whales are doing, and identify smart money.

The D2T platform has trading tournaments in place too. The rewards are D2T tokens. By reading the accurate signals on display, investors may opt for short-term/long-term investments. The signals also indicate the perfect times for entry into trading. Instructions on managing potential risks are also available. Best of all, D2T tokens are perfect for real-world applications. 


The Tamadoge platform has a native cryptocurrency, TAMA. This token has displayed an excellent performance in 2022. Its presale campaign, helped the company to garner $19 million, in profit.

The OKX platform came into play, for launching the TAMA token. The launching price was $0.02. Within a week, the token’s value had risen to $0.20. Thus, investors may expect good returns, even during bearish trends. 

True, the value of each token has gone back to $0.02, once again. It indicates a plunge from the earlier all-time high or the onset of a market correction. The plunge is around 85%. Regardless, investors are happy to find the token more affordable. 

Then again, the market capitalization is $24.27 million. Therefore, long-term rewards may show up in the future. Above all, users may enter the Tamadoge game. First, they must link their wallets. Then, they must mint new NFTs, for possessing one-of-a-kind digital tokens. In other words, users must take excellent care of their meme dogs.


The presale cost of each token is a mere $0.01. Like other tokens, the price of the token rises, after every round of sales. Therefore, early investments can bring in exponential profits. 

RAI is an ERC-20 token. It belongs to the Calvaria ecosystem. This platform permits users to purchase NFTs and virtual items. They may trade them as they wish. It is also possible to participate in the play-to-earn Calvaria games. The rewards for winning any game, are RAI tokens. Therefore, it is renowned as an in-game cryptocurrency.

A specific model comes into play for the gameplay. It is akin to a traditional game of cards. However, the combat occurs in a fantasy world. Players must possess NFT-backed cards, for participating in any card game. Users must select the right combat cards, to increase their chances of winning against all odds. Only high-quality and rare cards can turn the tables in the winner’s favor!

Thus, the Calvaria marketplace is perfect for selling/trading combat cards with one another. Considering, that, the gaming environment is an open and transparent one, there is no chance of foul play.


Like other presale tokens, the IMPT coin also offers a discounted rate. It is $0.018. The after-sale price will rise to $0.023 per token. Therefore, early investments can always promise better returns.

IMPT is well-known for its unique offer of carbon credits. There has been a global spike in the pricing of these carbon credits. The spike reflects in the token’s value. True, the traditional OTC market is not easily accessible by individual investors/traders. Therefore, it helps that institutional investors are keeping a keen eye on IMPT’s progress in the marketplace.

Regardless of size, any commercial venture may opt for extra carbon credits. They should prove useful for keeping up with their respective, expected annual emission quotas. Thus, institutions may use USDT/ETH tokens, to purchase IMPT tokens. The going rate is $0.05. The end of the presale should see IMPT going onto the lists of major digital currency exchanges.

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