How to Undo a Note on iPhone

The Notes app for your iPhone or iPad is a great tool. It can be used to write down ideas or save important information. However, making mistakes in the app can lead to frustration, especially if you have to delete or type incorrectly.

There are several ways to fix a Note mistake, which we’ll discuss below.

How to Undo a Note Using Shake To Undo

Shake can be used to undo typing from the Notes app. Give your iPhone/iPad a quick shake after entering text or making edits. This will open the Undo typing popup. Tap on Undo for undoing the changes made or to delete the text.

If Undo Typing was accidentally selected and you wish to restore your text please give your iPhone another shake. The Retina Typing popup will appear. You can tap on this to restore the deleted text, or to make the last edit.

Shake to Undo is enabled by default on iOS and iPadOS. It can be disabled by going to Settings Shake and Undo.

It is important to remember that you can turn this off for all apps that use it such as Messages, WhatsApp, Twitter, Gmail, and Gmail. If you have a good reason to turn it off, we recommend keeping it on.

How to Undo a Note Using The Undo Button

While the Shake to Undo feature is useful, it can be annoying at times. It depends on where your iPhone is being used, shaking it back and forth can make you look weird.

The Undo button can be used in Notes to undo any mistake you make on your iPhone/iPad. It’s not obvious at first but it’s easy to access and use.

To undo a mistake, click the markup icon at the bottom of your menu. This should bring up the Redo or Undo buttons at the top of your screen. These buttons will allow you to undo and redo any mistakes.

How to Undo in Notches Using Finger Gestures

You can also undo a mistake made in Notes by using finger gestures. This is much easier for iPad users because they have a larger screen, but you can still do these gestures with your iPhone.

To undo an iPhone, double-tap with 3 fingers anyplace on the screen. This will undo the last text that you had written. You can also swipe by placing three fingers on the left side of your screen. This will also undo the last change. The Undo notification will appear at the top, confirming that your previous action was undone.

To make it easier to undo an action, swipe your three fingers towards the right. This will bring up the Redo notification located at the top right of the note.

A third gesture you can use to tap on the screen is to use three fingers. This will display a prompt that includes buttons for undo, redo or cut. Copy, paste and copy are all possible. The undo button can be used to perform the undo operation.

How to Undo in Notes with an External Keyboard

You can easily undo a mistake when you use an external keyboard with your iPhone/iPad. Use the standard keyboard shortcuts on an Apple device while using the Notes app – Cmd Z undo, Shift, and HTML3_ Cmd+ Z HTML3_ redo.

Notes is a handy app

When used well, Notes can prove to be very useful. One of the most useful iOS apps is Notes. It can be used to create lists, sketch, add photos, make notes and even share them with others.

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