Review On Samsung Galaxy S22 

The Samsung Galaxy S22 flagship phone is the standard model from the South Korean giant’s new range of flagship phones. It sits below the S22 Plus and the S22 Util.

The 2022 new phones are an iterative upgrade. The Galaxy S22 is not that different from the Galaxy S21 except for the smaller screen and slightly lower battery.

This is not true for the S22 Ultra. We also have hands-on reviews on that phone and S22 Plus. However, we are focusing here on the standard handset.

The main difference between the S22 and its predecessor is the rear camera array. It’s not an upgrade, but a reshuffle. This includes a lower-res primary camera and a higher-res telephoto. However, this doesn’t make much difference in the overall experience of photography.

Samsung Galaxy S22 price and release date

The Samsung Galaxy S22 was released in the US on February 25, but it will not be available in Australia until March 3, and in the UK until March 11. It was announced on February 9, when pre-orders were opened in many countries.

The Galaxy S22 comes with 128GB storage and is available for $799 / PlayStation769 / AU$1,249, or the Galaxy S22 with 256GB storage for $849 / PlayStation819 / AU$1,349.

This price is the exact same as the Galaxy S21 in both versions. Therefore, Samsung clearly felt that changing the price was risky.

Design and display

The Galaxy S22’s display is 6.1 inches larger than the predecessor. This difference is so small that you won’t be able to tell the difference without comparing them side-by-side. FHD+ resolution, 120Hz refresh, and 240Hz touch input rates are all part of the panel’s AMOLED technology.

Samsung phones are known for their beautiful displays. The S22’s screen is no exception. It has bright colors, bold blacks, and high maximum brightness.

The S22 design is very similar to the S21, with the Contour Cut camera panel and flat-edged front. The back of the phone has been made of glass and not plastic, which makes it feel more premium but also heavier in the hand.

The phone can be picked up in Phantom Black, Phantom White, or Pink Gold.

The device is small compared to its siblings, and the Android market overall. This makes it an excellent choice for those who prefer to use their phone single-handed. It was a more comfortable option to the large smartphones on store shelves.

Cameras and battery life

The Samsung Galaxy S22’s front-facing 10MP camera and ultra-wide 12MP camera are the same as its predecessor, but its main and telephoto snapper is…different. It’s not better or worse than its predecessor, but it is different.

The main camera received an upgrade from 12MP to 50MP sensors. The sensor design has been improved and should produce brighter bolder photos. Although the telephoto camera is now 64MP smaller, it has a 10MP resolution. The S21 only had a 1.1x Optical Zoom.

These changes are functionally minimal for most users. The pictures look vibrant and bright, although they may appear a bit too saturated at times. You also have the benefit of being able to use both ultra-wide and high-resolution telephoto cameras.

The Samsung camera app features the same modes that are so popular with Samsung photographers, such as Single Take and Dual-view. However, there are no new modes for the 2022 smartphones, which means that the experience is not new.

Although we only had a brief opportunity to test the cameras, we will be sure to run them through all the rigors of our full review.

The battery capacity of the phone is quite small at 3,700mAh. This is 300mAh less than last year’s model. We are hopeful that Samsung has implemented optimizations to improve battery life. Unfortunately, we were not able to test the performance of the phone during our short hands-on experience.

Although the charging speed of the S21 is slower than some competitors, it is still 25W.

Wireless and reverse wireless powering are also available but at the same speeds as the previous mobile version of 15W or 4.5W.

Software, specs, and performance

Samsung will continue to use its two-chipset policy with the S22 series. If you live in the US, Asia, or Europe, you will receive a phone with the Qualcomm Snapdragon8 Gen 1 while those in Europe and the rest of the world will receive Samsung’s Exynos 2200.

Although the Exynos chip may be marginally more powerful than the Snapdragon’s, most users won’t notice any difference. Both processors are high-end and will give you plenty of juice to play video editing, gaming, or AI tasks.

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