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how to add photo widget on iPhone

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This article explains how to add photo widget to an iPhone.

How do I add an Image Widget on my iPhone?

You can modify the phone’s homepage screen in many ways. Adding the photo widget is just one option. If you apply the display to the home screen pictures from your collection will be displayed in a predetermined place. It is possible to change the position of the widget in case you are not happy with how the system has placed the widget.

Here’s how to add photo widget to iPhone:

Swipe left and right to look at and select the widget size.

Once you have decided on the size widget you’d like you can click on the Add Widget button.

  1. Hold the unoccupied area on your screen until you see the icons begin to move.
  2. Press to the (+) symbol at the top right.
  3. Tap and hold until you’re at the widget list Then tap Photos.

  4. Swipe left and right to check out and select the widget size.
  5. If you are sure of the size widget you’d like you can click on the Add Widget button.

  6. The widget for photos will show at the top of your display.
  7. To move the photo widget to another location, hold and press an empty area on the screen.
  8. If you notice the icons begin to move when the icons start jiggling, press and hold the widget for a photo.
  9. Move the widget for photos to a different location.

  10. Let the photo widget go.
  11. Tap the empty part of the screen it will lock the widget to the new position.

Create a photo widget using Widgetsmith

If you’re dissatisfied with the limitations of Apple’s Photos widget and wish to alter the picture on this widget, you have a second option.

Widgetsmith Widgetsmith is an application that is free and third-party which lets you build customized widgets and, thankfully, you can upload a picture or entire album directly out of the Your Photos app. It is also the best thing about it, you can choose which photos to use and are able to modify the images at any time!

1.) Open Widgetsmith and choose either a medium, small or large size for your widget.

2.) Tap Default Widget.

3.) Scroll through the widget types until you see custom.

4.) Select either Photo If you wish to show a particular photo and photos in the album if you would like to display all of the images from the album in a particular order.

5.) Tap the tab below, which reads Select Photo or Selected Album, and choose the picture or album you wish to utilize.

6.) Hit the Arrow at the top left side to go back. If you wish, you can tap to rename the widget from the top.

7.) Tap Save when you are finished.

After you’ve created your album widget or photo built, add it to the Home Screen like any other widget from the Widget Gallery. It is also possible to follow the same procedure similar to the above steps for adding to the Photos widget, however, instead, choose the Widgetsmith and the dimensions of the widget you’ve made.

When the widget appears displayed on your Home Screen Tap and hold it. Select edit widget and then select the album or photo widget.

How do I change the Photo Widget Pictures on iPhone?

You can pick the dimensions and the location of the photo widget on your iPhone however, you aren’t able to select particular iPhone photographs or images to show on the display. Apple employs an algorithm to choose your top photos. However, it isn’t possible to force certain images to show up, to keep the display of specific individuals, or even to steer it in one particular direction.

The only way to alter the contents of the photo widget in the iPhone is to block it from showing pictures that the algorithm is already chosen. If you spot a photo in the widget that you don’t want to be able to view on the screen, access it through the Photos in the Photos app and choose to take it off your list of most popular pictures. This will stop the photo widget from showing that particular image in the future.

Here’s how you can remove images from the widget for photos on the iPhone:

  1. Make sure to wait for the image you wish to delete to be displayed within the widget.
  2. Tap the image.
  3. Click on the Share icon.
  4. Tap to remove from featured photos.

  5. The photo won’t be displayed in your photo widget.
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