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WebM Not Playing on iPhone?

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With the release of macOS Big Sur 11/3.0 [ 1], WebM, a royalty-free alternative, has finally been added to Safari. WebM videos can now be played on Macs without any third-party player, browser, or plug-in. Safari 15 beta iOS 15 beta has WebM audio codec support. WebM video playback remains unavailable for iPad and iPhones. This feature may be added to iOS in the near term. How can you play WebM on iPhone before this feature arrives? We’ll show you many ways to do it in this article.

MacX can help you play webM on your iPhone

It allows you to convert WebM videos to iPhone-friendly formats in just 3 steps. It supports level-3 hardware acceleration and is the fastest video converter. Video quality will not be affected by the conversion.

Part 1.

The built-in player for iPhone cannot play WebM video. You can modify the file format if you have downloaded WebM files to your iPhone. You can do it with MacX video converter.

MacX Video Converter works with both Mac and Windows. It can convert all WebM videos regardless of what audio and video codecs are contained in the WebM container, Ogg Vorbis or Opus. It also has presets that work with all models of iPhones, making it simple to convert WebM videos to iPhone.

It can use GPU hardware acceleration and other advanced technology to speed up video transcoding without compromising video quality. It will maintain a balance between speed, quality, file size, and speed.

It supports WebM and many other video formats, including 320+. The output presets do not only apply to iPhones. This includes presets for iPad and Apple TV, Mac, Xbox, PS4, Android. YouTube, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and many more.

Let’s now free download and install the MacX Video converter to convert WebM to iPhone-friendly format. You can also use this tool to compress and edit WebM files and download WebM videos directly from more than 1000+ websites.

Let’s now learn how to convert WebM into iPhone.

Step 1 Copy your WebM video to your computer using MacX Video Converter. Click + Video to import the WebM file that you wish to convert.

Convert WebM into iPhone

Step 2. Scroll down to Apple Device in the Output Profile window. Click to iPhone Video and then choose an iPhone preset.

Step 3. Press the RUN button and begin to convert your WebM for iPhone. After the conversion is complete, you can transfer the video file to your iPhone. You will then be able to play it directly on your iPhone.

Part 2.

Many sites, such as YouTube, Reddit, and 4chan, use the light, fluid WebM. Safari will prevent iPhone users from browsing WebM videos. There are several workarounds.

Method 1.

Safari on iOS does not support WebM videos natively. Other browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome, don’t support WebM videos because they must use Apple Safari’s web engine, according to Appleinsider. We found several WebM browsers in the App Store. For example, Frost WebM player Browser. Frost works with iOS 13 and later. You can view WebM videos for $2.99

Method 2. Method 2. Use the PlayerXtreme app

PlayerXtreme allows you to play WebM files directly on your iPhone. This is how it works.

Step 1. Download PlayerXtreme and install it on your iPhone. PlayerXtreme was removed from the App Store because it allowed users to download YouTube videos (copyrighted material).

Step 2 Open Safari to your iPhone and find the WebM video that you wish to play.

Step 3. Play the video. A new browser window will then open. Tap the More button (three dots), and then select Copy to PlayerXtreme. Next, the WebM video will begin playing on your iPhone.

You can also open PlayerXtreme and copy the URL of the WebM video you wish to play.

Part 3.

VLC supports streaming files from FTP, SMB, UPnP/DLNA media servers, the web and more. iPhone users can play both local and online WebM videos with VLC.

How can I watch WebM videos on my iPhone using VLC?

Step 1. Install VLC on your iPhone. iOS 9.0 or higher is required.

Step 2. Add WebM videos to your VLC Library. VLC will guide you through adding videos to your VLC library. Please see the image below for instructions.

VLC iPhone: Add videos

Step 3. After you have successfully imported the WebM files into VLC library, open VLC on your iPhone and click All Files. Then you’ll find the WebM files you added. You can then simply tap on the WebM video you want to play and it will begin playing.

VLC media library

How to play WebM videos online on iPhone using VLC

Step 1. Download VLC and install it to your iPhone using App Store.

Step 2. Open a VLC and tap Open Network Stream.

Step 3. Copy the URL of the WebM video you wish to view and then tap Open Network Stream.

These are the methods to open WebM videos on iPhone. We hope they work for you.

Part 4. FAQs regarding Playing WebM Videos On iPhone

  1. Is WebM natively supported by iPhone?

No. No. Neither the iPhone’s built-in browser nor video player support WebM video playback.

  1. How to view WebM on iPhone using Chrome

Chrome on iPhone can’t open WebM video, just like Safari. Chrome iOS version uses Apple’s Safari web engine (Apple security policy).

  1. How do I view WebM on my iPhone using Firefox?

WebM cannot be viewed on iPhone using Firefox because Firefox uses Safari’s web view for rendering.

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