How To Activate Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

Apply online at or at any Victoria’s Secret or Pink store. You can use the Victoria Credit Card at as well as all PINK and Victoria’s Secret stores. The Comenity Bank will redirect you to the issuer of the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card.

How do I activate my Victoria’s Secret Credit Card?

You can activate your primary cardholder’s new card online, or by calling Customer Service at 1-866-945-9478. You must have your new card ready when you activate it. Any authorized buyers’ cards will be activated automatically with the primary cardholder.

Contact Customer Care if you need assistance activating the card.

You can visit your card online, or call 1-877-563-6880 (TDD/TTY: 1-800-695-1788).

Step 1. Visit to activate your card

Step 2. Input the account number for your credit card

Step 3. Please enter the expiration date and the type of identification, such as a social security number or a SIN

Step 4. Enter your Social Security number’s last four digits

Step 5.  Input the ZIP / Postal Code

Step 6. Click on Continue.

Step 7. Your card will be activated shortly if the details you provided are accurate.

After activating your card successfully, you can immediately use it.

Once you have activated your card, please delete the old one if it is still valid.

Contact Customer Care at 1-866-955-9478 (TDD/TTY 1-800-695-1788) if you suspect your card has been stolen or lost.

Your Credit Card can be used in-store at Victoria’s Secret, PINK and Bath & Body Work as well as online at and Unless otherwise stated, Bath & Body Works purchases in-store and online are not eligible to receive rewards, upgrades, or any other Victoria’s Secret/PINK offers or coupons.

Rewards: How it Works

You earn points and dollars to determine your status. Bottom line: The more you shop using your Victoria’s Secret Credit Card the more exclusives and surprises you will receive.


$1 Spent = 1 Point Earned

For every 250 points, $10 Reward

3x Points on Bras *


$1 Spent = 1 Point Earned

For every 250 points, $10 Reward

3x Points on Bras

$250 Each Year, to reach Silver Status


$1 Spent = 1 Point Earned

$15 Reward for every 250 Points

3x Points on Bras

To attain Gold Status, Spend $500 Each Year

Here Are Some Other Information 

What is a Victoria’s Secret Card and how do you activate it?

Victoria’s Secret is a well-known lingerie brand in America. Regular promotions and advertisements draw people from all around the globe to their stores. But what about credit cards? Let’s find out if it can help you save on your innerwear.

A quick guide to activating Victoria’s Secret Card

The Comenity Bank-issued Victoria’s Secret Angel Card can be used as a credit card with a store logo.

This card can only be used in the United States at VS and PINK locations. It is also available online at as well as in-store at Bath & Body Works. Only purchases made at Victoria’s Secret or PINK (in-store or online) can be eligible for points.

The Angel Reward System and card membership are two of the many benefits that come with card membership

You can earn points towards the Angel Rewards program by shopping at Victoria’s Secret frequently.

Status and progression levels for Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

There are many benefits to the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card. There are also other levels of status that depend on how much a cardholder spends.

Most people believe that the more they spend the more they will get in rewards. Over a 12-month period, cumulative points towards status are calculated.

These are the three levels of VS Angel Card Benefits:

* Angel

* Angel VIP (500+ points)

* Angel Forever (1,000+ points)

The terms and conditions of the VS reward program state that Angel VIP members and VS Angel members will remain at the same level until they reach the next rank.

Angel Forever status can be reserved for both the current and next program years. It is also stated that the “program year” begins on February 1, and ends on January 31, according to the contract terms.

Perks included in your membership

For every $1 you spend on your purchases, earn 1 point

For every $1 spent in Victoria’s Secret, PINK, and shops, you earn 1 point. In most cases, incentives work in the following manner:

You get $10 for every 250 points.

* You’ll receive $10 for every 250 points.

* Forever Angel $15 for every 250 points

You will receive three points for every bra you purchase

Angel members get triple points if they purchase clearance or discounted bras. You will get three points for every dollar you spend on bras when you make new net purchases. You’ll still earn 1 point for every $1 spent on bras, even if you don’t buy them.

Additional promotions can’t be added to this benefit as rewards members may not accrue more points than the bra purchase.

Choose a day to get three points for the cost of one

All Angel Rewards members can be eligible for one or more Triple Points Days during the program year. A Triple Points Day is available to consumers who have completed a transaction. Keep in mind the 90-day rule when choosing your Triple Points Day.

A yearly token to show appreciation

Every customer who is in good standing will receive a birthday gift. In most cases, an exclusive birthday gift is included in any in-store transaction.

Book of Privileges for the Extraordinary

A “Little Book of Exclusive Perks”, which includes coupons up to $65 in savings and $15 in future purchases credit, will be included in your welcome package.

How do I apply for and activate my Victoria’s Secret card?

For application forms, visit You can use the Victoria Secret Credit Card online and in our PINK stores. You can transfer your Victoria’s Secret Credit card to Comenity Bank if you have one.

You can apply online for the PINK credit card or in-person at a Victoria’s Secret, Pink or Pink shop by filling out an application form. The PINK Credit card can also be used online, in addition to or PINK boutiques. You will be transferred to Comenity Bank if you have Victoria’s Secret credit card.

Your Victoria’s Secret Credit Card application will be accepted within seven to ten days. You will receive your credit card by mail in seven to ten working days. You can use your credit card to make purchases at or in their physical stores.

You will need to activate Victoria’s Secret immediately after you receive your new card. Your card must be activated before you can make any purchases.

Step by step instructions to activate your credit card

You applied previously for a credit line from Victoria’s Secret. It is finally here. You already know where it will be used. But wait! But don’t worry! At, you can activate your Victoria’s Secret card online, enabling you to take advantage of unique benefits.

Only your card information will be allowed to access the card activation page. After providing all the information required to activate your credit cards, click “Continue”.

* Visit the official Victoria’s Secret website to activate your credit card.

* You may, for example, enter your credit card number, expiry dates, identifier types, last four digits, and zip code.

Your Victoria’s Secret Credit Card is now activated. Shop at your favorite retailer. For your spouse, create Victoria’s Secret account and shop for all his or her favorite items in one place. Your purchases will be processed quickly by adding your credit card information online at

Victoria’s Secret Pink MasterCard activation by phone

Okay! Now you know how to activate your credit cards online at If you aren’t interested, Victoria’s Secret customer care number can be dialed.

* Call 1-800-695-9478 to speak with a representative

* Please ensure that you call between Monday and Saturday (8 AM to 9 PM EST).

It is best to throw away the old card when you receive your Victoria Secret’s activated card. If you are concerned that your card may have been stolen or lost, call Customer Care at 1-800-695-9478.

Additional Customer Service Information

After activating your credit card, visit Victoria’s Secret’s website to enter your details or call their customer service. Now let’s talk about closing your Victoria’s Secret credit cards. After using your credit card for many years and enjoying its perks, you may decide that you no longer require it. This information can help you to cancel your credit card quickly when the time is right. Continue reading.

Cancelling a Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

If you need to close your credit card accounts, contact Victoria’s Secret’s trusty and active customer service hotline at 800 695-9478. TDD/TTY at 800 695-1788. You can rest assured that they will assist you efficiently and happily.

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