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How To Use PS4 Internet Browser

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This article will explain how to utilize to use the PS4 internet browser as well as how you can modify the settings that you can configure to your preferences. These instructions are applicable to the entire range of PS4 internet browser models including the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim.

How do I start the PS4 Internet Browser?

The web browser on PS4 is simple and fast.

  1. Turn to your PS4 internet browser to make sure that the PS4 home screen is displayed.
  2. You can enter the content area with huge icons that serve as launchers for applications games, applications, and other services.
  3. On the left side, you can scroll down until you find an option to open the Internet Browser. Internet Browser option is highlighted and is accompanied by an icon of the web, along with the start button. It is possible to open the browser by pressing the”X. It’s situated on your PS4 controller.

The most common PS4 Browser Features

  • To open an entirely new browser, Press R2 to start a new browser. Press the R2 button.
  • To change to an earlier-opened window, press the L2 button.
  • To turn off Full-Screen mode and on, click to turn it on. Click the small square. This will disable Full-Screen mode. PS4 internet browser defaults on desktop-based versions that are responsive websites.
  • Zoom in on an active website page. Click the R3 button, which is activated when you press on the left side of the PS4 controller.
  • To type in a URL/web address first you need to press R2 to launch an entirely new tab. The address bar is on the top of your page. It is marked “Enter URL”. Then, press the button”X. Click. The keyboard will be displayed, prompting you to input an URL. Then, you press the R2 controller to open the correct page.
  • To start the Google search engine, begin by pressing on the triangle icon of your controller. The blinking cursor should now appear in the search bar, and the keyboard should be right below it. Enter your search terms or phrases, then submit them to us using the R2. “R2” button.


The PS4 internet browser lets you save your favorite websites to make them available in subsequent sessions of browsing by using bookmarks. Bookmarks feature.

Save your bookmarks, save the Active Web Page in your Bookmarks

  1. Click the OPTIONS button from your control.
  2. When the pop-out menu is displayed Select to select the Add Bookmark choice.
  3. A new page is displayed. It should contain two fields that have been already filled in but are editable. The first, Name is an identifier that identifies your page’s Title. Page is currently shown. The second option, Address, is your URL for the page currently displayed. If you’re happy with these settings, press OK to save your new bookmark.

To see bookmarks that were previously saved

  1. Connect to the main menu by clicking the button.
  2. Then, you can click on the menu options for Bookmarks.
  3. A listing of all your stored bookmarks will be shown. To load a page, select the desired option by using the left direction stick and then click the button known as the”X” button.

To delete a bookmark

  1. Select the bookmark from the list and click the options button from the control panel.
  2. A menu that slides will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Select delete, and then hit”X” to delete the “X” button.
  3. An additional window should appear along with all your bookmarks highlighted, with checkboxes. To ensure that a bookmark is to be deleted, you must first make sure you mark an X on it, and then press”X” to delete it “X” button.
  4. After you’ve chosen one or more options from the list Scroll down to the bottom and click Remove to end the process.

Review or erase any history you have created of web browsing

The PS4 internet browser keeps a record of all websites you’ve visited previously, which allows you to browse through the list of previous web browsing and access these sites by pressing a button.

Accessing your past information can be beneficial, however, it can also cause security concerns if there are other users using your computer. This is the reason why the PS4 internet browser lets you erase your history of browsing at any time. These tutorials will show you how you can view and erase your history of browsing.

Remove JavaScript

There is a myriad of reasons why you may need to temporarily stop JavaScript software from appearing on the site page you’re viewing within your browser, ranging from security issues to testing and developing websites. To stop any JavaScript code bits from running on your PS4 internet browser, follow the steps in the next steps.

  1. Click the button OPTIONS that are under your choice.
  2. If it is visible that the menu appears on the right side of the screen. Select options using the “X” button. It is possible to open the PS4 internet browser settings interface. It should now be visible.
  3. Scroll down to enable the JavaScript option. It’s located at the top of the page. It’s also flanked by an unchecked box.
  4. Click it that erases the checkmark, and switch off JavaScript to ensure JavaScript isn’t disabled yet. To enable it once more select this option once more until the checkmark appears.
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