How To Fix If Ps4 Controller Not Charging

The light on the PS4 controller not charging when you plug it in with the charging cable. You’re not the only one having trouble with the PS4 controller not charging issue. This guide will show you how to fix it. Continue reading to learn how you can fix it.

Why is a controller for PlayStation 4 not charged?

There are several possible reasons why a PS4 controller won’t charge. The problem could be with the cable or charging port, or with the PS4’s ability to provide power over.

Here are some examples of the problems you may be facing:

  1. Charging port issues – The port could be blocked by debris or damaged physically. The port can be cleaned out or replaced.
  2. Charging cable issues – The micro USB end may be damaged or worn out, or the cable itself may not be suitable for this type of use. Some USB cables are not designed to charge.
  3. PS4 issues: There are a few things that can stop the PS4 from charging your controllers. This can be fixed by power cycling the console or resetting the controller. Or, you can simply charge the controller with a different charger.
  4. Hardware problems The charging port and battery are the most common failures in this type of hardware. Both of these are easy to replace but many people will prefer to hire a professional.

Fixes for PS4 Controller Won’t Charge:

1: Reset your PS4 controller

The malfunctioning controller can cause your PS4 controller to not charge. As a first solution, we recommend that you reset your PS4 controller. These are the steps to reset your controller easily:

  1. Locate the reset key on the controller. It’s located under the L2 button and on the back.
  2. Place a toothpick, or another similar object, into the reset hole. Press the button for a few seconds and then release.
  3. The controller should then be able to restart. After it has started, you can charge it again to verify it is working.

2: Charge your PS4 controller upside down

If your PS4 controller is not charging, please charge it upside down. Sounds wired? It is a great way for PS4 users to recharge their controllers. It’s possible to give it a try and see if it works. Simply flip your PS4 controller upside-down and charge it.

3. Check the charging cable for your PS4 controller

Sometimes your PS4’s problem with charging could be caused by the USB cable. Check the following steps to determine if your USB cable is defective.

  1. If you have a second controller with the same USB charging cable, charge it.
  2. If another controller charges, it is likely that your cable is the problem. If the other controller does not charge then it is likely that your USB cable is faulty. Please continue to the next step.
  3. To charge your PS4 console, you can use the USB charging cable that comes with it.

4. Check the charging port on your PlayStation 4 controller

A bad charging port could cause your controller to not charge, just like the charging cable. If you suspect that your charging port is defective, follow these steps: Charge your other controller using the same USB charging cable. The charging port on your controller may be faulty if the other controller charges. The charging port must be replaced. You can get help from the Official PlayStation Website.

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