How to Use WhatsApp Status?

Status was the first feature of WhatsApp in 2009. Users could now type anything into the box next to their name. Status quickly became the most used way to tell people about your life.

WhatsApp changed the status feature in 2017. The new feature is similar to Instagram Stories or Snapchat. WhatsApp Status looks like a Snapchat copy. However, there’s an interesting twist to it that makes it useful for its users.

This article will show you how to use WhatsApp Status.

What’s WhatsApp Status?

WhatsApp Status: A status update that disappears after 24 hours. It’s easy to understand how Instagram Stories work.

WhatsApp Status cannot be activated by more than two users.

1. View someone’s WhatsApp status

To open WhatsApp Status Update section, tap on the Status Tab. This tab is located at bottom of your iPhone.

A list of status updates from your contacts will be displayed under the Recent edits heading. To view their status update, tap the name of a person.

A video or photo will play automatically. A photo of a contact will remain on the screen for a while before the app displays their next status (if they have updated more than once).

After you have reviewed all updates received from the contact, you will be automatically taken to the next status update form for the next contact.

If you feel a photo is disappearing quickly, you can either return to your Status screen to see it again or tap and hold to pause the update. This will make user’s username disappear.

To pause the status tap on the top right. You’ll have plenty of time to take a screenshot

To change to the next Status tap in the right-hand corner. To jump the next status for a contact swipe to your left.

2. Reply to a WhatsApp Status

You can reply to a WhatsApp Status by swiping up. Attach a photo, a document, audio, or video file and contact information.

3. How do you post photos and videos

Tap on “My Status” in the Status section to open the camera view. To snap a photo, press the shutter button.

Hold the same button while you capture a video. Or, tap the icon in the lower-left corner.

Swipe up on Android to upload a photo/video.

Videos cannot be uploaded for more than 30 seconds as a status update on WhatsApp. You’ll be asked to trim longer videos before posting them.

4. Annotating your WhatsApp status

Now it’s time to make your WhatsApp status even more entertaining! Select the photo and then click the send button.

Tap on the pencil symbol to doodle in any color.

By using the caption feature, you can add text to your Status.

5. How do you post text and links

There are two icons in the Status section. One is a camera icon, and one is a pencil icon. The pencil icon allows you to either type or pastes the text.

Tap on the T icon to change the font.

6. How can you hide your WhatsApp status from certain people

WhatsApp is used by many people, including family members, friends, and colleagues.

You have the option to hide your Status and share certain updates with specific contacts.

Android: Click on the three dots menu button at top right of Status tab to choose Privacy.

Tap on the My Contacts Except option to exclude certain contacts from your status page. To share your status with selected friends only, select the contacts.

Save your changes by clicking Done on Android or the tick button on Android.

7. How To Mute Someone’s WhatsApp Status

It is unlikely that you would want to see status updates from other WhatsApp Status users. You can hide status updates from contacts using the mute function.

Hold the status update for a contact on Android. Tap and hold it.

8. Post multiple photos to your WhatsApp status

You can upload up to 30 photos and videos to the WhatsApp Status feature at one time. Android users can tap on the camera icon under the Status tab. Hold the image or video that you want to choose and tap. Then, hit Send.

After selecting one photo, or video on iPhone tap the + icon at the bottom-left corner. Next click Send link.

9. How do I delete my WhatsApp status

You have the option to delete any post that you don’t like. Tap the three-dot menu right next to My Status. Next to the status you wish to delete, select the button and click Delete.

To open the Delete option, swipe right on any status and tap on My Status. Next tap to delete this pop-up.

10. How do you take a WhatsApp status picture without being caught

This is how WhatsApp status differs from Snapchat Stories.

Your WhatsApp status can be used as a pro

Now you know what WhatsApp Status is and how it works. This will enable you to share your highlights with family and friends.

Start by opening the privacy section. Start by going to the privacy section.

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