How To Take Screenshots On Chromebook Using The Snipping Device

How to capture screenshots efficiently on Chromebook Chrome OS provides a snipping feature that allows you to take a partial view of your Chromebook’s display. You don’t have to crop the image later in an editor.

This guide will teach you how to use Chrome’s snipping tools for full-screen screenshots. A guide is also provided on how to take partial screenshots or window clips.

Chromebook Snipping Device

Shift+Ctrl Show Windows will bring up Chrome OS’s tools for snipping. It is a collection of windows.

The keyboard shortcut will dim the screen. An icon to grab a partial screen will be placed at the bottom.

Click and drag the crosshair over the area you wish to grab

The screenshot is saved by default to the Downloads directory. To access the file, click the preview and double-click.

Screenshot of the Special Window

You also have the option to capture a screenshot of a Chrome OS window. ALT + Show Windows. Then you can use the snipping tools in Chromebook.

The mouse cursor becomes a crosshair when it is selected. After selecting the window grab icon, the screengrab/record tab bar will appear.

Hover your mouse over the windows to make it brighter Click on the window to take a screenshot.

Shortcuts for Chrome OS Snap Tools

These shortcuts allow Chrome OS to take screenshots of the screen, including the whole screen.

Many Chrome OS keyboard keys can be found to improve your Chromebook’s experience.

Capturing Screenshots from Chrome OS

With Chrome OS, you can now take screenshots in select areas, windows, and entire screens. The Downloads folder has screenshots in PNG format.

Chrome OS is intimidating if it’s your first time using the interface.

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