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HP Envy 15-ep0123tx Review

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I was looking for laptops for creative professionals when I came across a few options. I realized that they aren’t very affordable and that they don’t allow them to run graphics-intensive applications. The majority of options recommend that you buy a gaming laptop. There are many options, and the HP Envy 15 of them is among them. When I received the HP Envy 15, ep0123tx to review, it was a joy. The laptop is Rs1,49,000. quite affordable. Now that I have had the HP Envy 15 for more than a week, here is my review.

Specifications for HP Envy 15 EP0123TX

Display 15-inch Full HD
Processor Intel Core i7-10750H
GPU 6GB RAM and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660Ti graphics card
Storage 1TB SSD
Ports and I/O 2x USB Type A1x HDMI

2x Thunderbolt 3

1x MicroSD Card Reader

1x Headphone/Mic Combo

Connectivity Bluetooth 5; WiFi 6
Batteries 6-cell 83Wh

Design and build

The design philosophy of HP Envy 15 continues with the HP Envy 15. The device is sleek and elegant, with sharp edges and an easy-to-read color scheme.

The lid is clean and features the HP logo in polished chrome. It’s not a small logo but it looks great. The design of HP Envy 15 EPO123TX is fantastic. It doesn’t matter where you look at it, it looks amazing.

It opens with one hand. This is a rare feature in Windows laptops. The hinge is also good. Although it isn’t the most durable hinge I have ever seen, it feels great.

The laptop looks great once you open it. The display is surrounded by thin bezels and the HP logo can be found on the chin. The laptop’s silver bezels, which extend all the way to the keyboard and around the display, contrast beautifully with the dark grey (almost-black) bezels.

The grilles are on the sides. It almost seems like a trick to fool people. The bottom of the laptop houses the speakers. The side grilles may be decorative, but I don’t like the extra detail. Despite that, I love the font HP uses for its laptops. For the keycaps and the Bang & Olufsen branding at the palm rest. It looks great.


This display is a 15.6 inch Full HD panel. It looks great. It has a brightness rating of 300 nits, which is quite bright in my use. The anti-glare coating means that I had no trouble using my laptop, even though there is a light behind me at work that can cause glare problems.

The thin bezels in the last section make it look great. The integrated webcam makes the top bezel slightly larger than the ones on either side. HP included a privacy shutter to protect the webcam. You can activate it by pressing a key on your keyboard. You might be wondering why there isn’t a hardware shutter. The key does not disconnect the camera via software. Instead, it slides a piece of plastic over the webcam and can be clearly seen blocking it. This is great. I prefer hardware webcam protectors to the promise of software disconnection.

1 of 2 Slide 1 of 2Slide 1Webcam coverageWebcam not found

The display is solid. I’ve spent hours staring at it while watching movies and TV, as well as working. It’s bright and vibrant, the colors are vivid, and it has good viewing angles. It’s a nice, crisp, bright display for a laptop. It’s a great display.


HP has included a 10th-generation Intel Core i7-10750H processor at 2.6GHz under the hood. This is coupled with 16GB 2933MHz RAM and a 1TB NVMe SATA SSD. The GTX 1660Ti GPU completes the package. You might be wondering why the RAM doesn’t have 3200MHz. This is because not all 10th-gen processors support 3200MHz RAM. The 10750H supports 2933MHz RAM, which HP has included here.

You don’t have to buy another stick of RAM to boost your performance (a feature I recommend with the Lenovo Lenovo Ideapad Gaming3i).

The HP Envy 15 is a great choice for any task. This laptop has been my main work tool, which includes editing images in Photoshop and writing articles. This laptop is also my favorite machine for entertainment. I have even played some games on it. It excels at all things.

The synthetic benchmarks show that the HP Envy 15 HP0123tx scores 5,099 on 3DMark Time Spy and 4,768 on PCMark 10. These are both very good scores.

The laptop also handles games very well. PUBG is a great example. With graphics set to High, the laptop can get upwards of 70FPS every time. My game was running at 60 FPS, even though Ultra is set to Ultra. That’s pretty impressive. The laptop set itself to low graphics and I was getting frames rates of around 90FPS.

1 of 3 Slide 1 of 3slide 2 of 3PUBG HighPUBG UltraPUBG Low

The HP Envy also performs admirably in Far Cry 5. The in-game benchmark at 1080p Ultra showed an FPS range from 70 to 92FPS, with an average of just 78FPS. The average FPS rises to 82FPS when the setting is High. The HP Envy 15 is capable of handling gaming.

V-Ray Pro and SketchUp Pro were also tested on the laptop. They work great. The V-Ray benchmark scores the HP Envy 15 with 7902 samples, and 146 paths. SketchUp Pro was very helpful. I tried zooming in and panning around the file to see how the lighting and shadows changed on the building. There was no lag.


The keyboard. The keyboard is the same as in previous years. I’ve always liked HP’s keyboards. The keyboard is backlit and can be toggled using the F4 key. It only has a white backlight, but it’s fine. It’s hard to imagine any other colors looking good on this laptop. There are two brightness levels available for the backlight. You can adjust them using the same F4 key. However, I prefer to keep it at the maximum as it looks nice.

The keyboard is excellent. The keys are large and have ample space between them, so they don’t feel cramped. The keyboard responds quickly and is very comfortable.

HP also retained all buttons in the keyboard layout, giving the laptop a cleaner appearance. The power button is located at the end of the line of the function keys. It is right next to the button that covers the camera. The fingerprint scanner is not located on the palm rest, or in the trackpad like other HP laptops. It is located next to the right-side alt key. Personally, I think this is a better location for the scanner.


The trackpad of the HP Envy 15 works well too. It’s a Precision touchpad so you have access to all the cool Windows gestures I am slowly becoming accustomed to. It’s responsive and doesn’t feel strained even after hours of use. That’s great.

Although it’s not very large, it’s still manageable to make gestures with it comfortably. As a creative professional, you’ll probably need a mouse for better control of the cursor, but the trackpad is still able to do the job.

Ports, I/O and Connectivity

HP also offers many ports for the Envy 15 Ep0123tx. There are two USB 3 Type A ports, an HDMI out, and two Thunderbolt 3 ports. You also get a microSD card reader and a headphone/mic combo jack.

Type-A and Type C (Thunderbolt 3) ports are great. This allows you to connect all your Type-A accessories directly to the laptop. You also get futureproofing from Thunderbolt 3. If you need it, you can get more ports with a dongle. Although I don’t think it was necessary to attach a USB dongle to my laptop, it is nice to know that the Thunderbolt 3 ports are available.

The laptop has Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity. This is a great feature and something I would have expected at this price. The HP Envy 15 also supports WiFi 802.11ax (WiFi 6), which means that if you are on the cutting edge of WiFi technology, this laptop will be able to take full advantage. It’s also future-proofed if you aren’t.


While I was discussing the design of this laptop, I mentioned that it has its speakers at the bottom. However, there are grilles along the sides of the keyboard, which could trick you into thinking those are the speakers.

The Envy 15’s bottom-firing speakers are quite good. They are loud enough to be heard, even though I didn’t compare them with the speakers in my 2017 MacBook Pro. The sound does not seem to distort when the volume is high. These speakers are not recommended for listening to bass-heavy tracks. However, they can be used for basic video editing or watching movies.


This laptop is slim and light, but HP managed to fit an 83Wh battery inside. The laptop claims to have 16 hours of battery backup, which is amazing if true. The laptop was not used for more than 16 hours without being charged. We can all admit that you will play games on a laptop like this when you should be working. The laptop was able to last for a few hours without interruption, which I found very impressive.

I had Photoshop, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Edge open. The brightness was set to 50%, with 7-10 tabs open at any given time, brightness set to 50%, and yes, an Apple Music tab playing my favorite work playlist to my Bluetooth headphones. All of this combined indicated a battery life between 14 and 15 hours. This could vary depending on how you use the laptop and the brightness settings you are comfortable with. It seems that HP’s claims don’t lie.

You don’t even need to bring your charger with you when you have a battery backup.

Side note: If you are anything like me, I recommend that you keep the charger with you at all times. Let’s not get too personal.

Both the pros and cons

You’re too lazy or busy to read the whole review. We have summarized the pros and cons for the HP Envy 15, ep0123tx.


  • Beautiful design
  • Outstanding performance
  • Battery life is amazing
  • Crisp, bright display


  • To be truthful, none.

HP Envy 15 -ep0123tx Review – Should You Buy It

The HP Envy 15 Ep0123tx laptop is a great choice. It’s also very affordable. It is premium in appearance, performance and features. You can get almost anything you need from your laptop including high-end games at a fraction of the cost. These are difficult targets to reach, but HP appears to have achieved them with the Envy 15.

If you are looking for a Windows laptop within this price range and aren’t too fussy about having a touchscreen (which I am not), then I recommend this laptop. You can do your work quickly and play any game you like. It will do all of this without you looking odd in your next CEO meeting. This machine is a beautiful, powerful machine that will blow your socks off.

Purchase the HP Envy 15 -ep0123tx at HP.com ( Rs1,49999 )

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