How much does it cost to repair a water-damaged laptop?

Water or liquid can cause serious injuries if they get on your computer.

You don’t want your laptop to be damaged by spilling coffee or water.

There are two options when dealing with such phenomena.

You have two options. One, you can repair the laptop or, two, you could replace the old one. This can be quite costly.

The cost of repairing a water-damaged laptop is always a concern.

Repairing a laptop that has been liquid damaged should not cost more than $100. However, the most affordable repair cost is between $30 and $40.

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What is the cost of repairing a laptop that has been water damaged?

Repairing a laptop damaged by water can cost between $30 and $100, depending on its severity.

A damaged motherboard will result in a high price. However, a functionally deteriorating keyboard or chipset won’t cause any significant damage.

You can also influence the cost of repair by the brand of your laptop. If the motherboard gets damaged by liquid or water, you could end up paying more than $150 if it is a MAC.

Laptop brand Water damage repair cost
Lenovo $30-$100 dollars
Apple/MAC $80-$200 dollars
Dell $40-$90 dollars
HP $30-$120 dollars
ASUS $30-$110 dollars

Apple/MAC laptop water damage repairs cost

Let’s start the discussion with the most costly category. The repairing costs are similar to the cost of a new Mac or an Apple laptop.

A slight scratch on your Apple laptop’s keyboard will result in a bill of nearly $70 to $80.

You will need to spend between $150 and $200 to repair your Mac’s motherboard.

Lenovo laptop water damage repair cost

The cost of repairing a laptop that has been damaged by water or other liquids will be lower than Apple and Mac.

A Lenovo laptop that has suffered from a loss of functionality due to liquid spillage can be repaired within 50 dollars.

However, serious damage to the motherboard or chipset can cost between $60 and $120.

A water-damaged Lenovo laptop will cost you around $100.

Dell laptop water damage repairs cost

Repairing a water-damaged Dell laptop should cost about the same as repairing a Lenovo laptop.

A backlit keyboard on a Dell laptop can be damaged by liquids or water.

Repairing a water-damaged keyboard without a backlit takes between $30 and $50. A laptop without a backlit keyboard can be repaired for 30 dollars.

A damaged motherboard on a Dell laptop can cost up to $100 to repair.

The average cost of repairing a water-damaged Dell laptop is between $30 and $100.

Laptop water damage repair cost

HP laptops are often equipped with a sensitive motherboard. The laptop can be damaged by water contact.

Water contact, like all laptops, can cause damage to the motherboard or laptop.

It will cost about $50 to replace a damaged keyboard on an HP laptop if it has backlit. A broken HP laptop keyboard with no backlit keyboard will run you around $40.

It will cost $120 to repair a damaged motherboard due to a short circuit. A damaged motherboard or chipset can be repaired for as little as $70 to $80.

The average cost of repairing a water-damaged HP laptop is between $30 and $120.

ASUS laptop water damage repairs

Finally, depending on whether your ASUS laptop has a backlit keyboard, the cost of repairing a damaged ASUS laptop keyboard will be between $30 and $50.

However, the cost of replacing a motherboard on an ASUS laptop with a cracked or damaged one can range from $60 to $100.

It is possible to fix a water-damaged ASUS laptop for between $30 and $100.

When a laptop has been damaged by liquid spillage, is repair the only option?

While repair is cheaper than replacement, it tends to be more expensive.

If your laptop is not very old, it is worth repairing any damaged parts.

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Final summary

You don’t have to take your laptop to repair every time you spill the liquid. The majority of water-related damage to your laptop will occur if it is left on. To prevent your laptop from being short-circuited, turn off the power immediately if you spill water on it. Allow the water to drain for a while to ensure that the laptop is still functional. If the water does not bring your laptop back to the life you can repair it.

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