5 Simple Steps to Make a Mac’s Live Wallpaper Work

Live Wallpaper (a live background) can be argued to be a wasteful use of your Mac’s processing power. But they can be quite entertaining!

Previously, it was difficult to download a Live Wallpaper to a Mac.

Here are some options to create an animated desktop.

1. See the Dynamic Desktops with Built in Functions

You can find Desktop Pictures by going to system preferences > Desktops & screensaver>>. This folder can be found under the Apple menu. The heading Dynamic Desk can also be found within this folder.

Here’s a list of the Live Wallpapers Apple includes with every Mac. They can all be used at different times during the day.

Click on one of the images to change your background to dynamic. Your background will gradually shift from day to night as you use it.

When they dropdowns to Automated, the wallpapers in Desktop remain dynamic throughout the day.

You can also customize the dynamic desktop by clicking images (or by adding another by clicking plus (+ Icon), choosing an Image, then checking the Make changes box.

You can choose the time dropdown that you prefer, starting at a background that is very active ( Every 5 seconds ) to one that slowly changes from image to image ( Every 30 Minuten ).

While there are only a few live wallpapers out there, they can be very beautiful. To switch to a static image

2. Move Wallpapers can also be found on websites

There are many websites that provide live wallpapers.

To get started, you can start with our list of top Mac wallpapers. This allows you to create a wallpaper that is a satellite photo of your current location. It also includes various map effects.

3. Use Live Wallpaper Apps

A whole suite is dedicated to showing you dynamic and animated wallpapers for your Mac desktop. The System Preferences are not required on your Mac.

Slow-moving animations are allowed by some apps to simplify the Live Wallpapers. Earth 3D Lite, for example, allows slow-moving animations. Live Wallpapers HD & Weather provide more practical images like weather forecasts and clocks.

Most of these apps can be downloaded for free, but some have in-app payments to purchase wallpapers or remove watermarks.

Still, there are beautiful Live Wallpapers that you can get on the Mac App Store.

4. Design your wallpaper

You can also create live wallpapers using your photos. Live Photos that were taken can be uploaded. Websites that provide dynamic wallpaper Club (or Dynaper), are some examples. You can play the short videos created from Live photos on your computer.

5. Screensavers as Live Wallpapers

Quartz animations can be used as live wallpapers. These screensavers can be converted to animated wallpapers easily.

Click on the Enter key and your screen-saver should now be: It will run until you close the Terminal window.

While live wallpapers use some of your computing resources, they can still be very beautiful and relaxing to look at.

This guide will help you to make your desktop wallpaper look more vibrant. Your Mac can still look great.

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