How To Reset If Forget Kik Password?

As a person who uses social networks, you could be using multiple platforms available on the internet. If you’re an individual, then you are likely not to recall your password at some point in time or another. The idea of remembering all the passwords for our social media applications laptops, computers, and even websites simultaneously is not a realistic possibility. If you’ve forgotten your password or even the login details to the social network account you have then there are options to get it. One of the different social networks includes Kik and if you have forgotten the password to your Kik password or would like to change it then we’ve provided an instruction to reset your Kik password with no email.

In light of that, if you’ve forgotten the password to your Kik username and password do not fret; you’ve come to the right location. If you want to reset your Kik password, you will be able to access the email address that you registered with Kik’s email. If you don’t have the correct email address it is impossible to recover your password. Therefore, forgetting your email address can be an issue, however, do not fret, we’ve compiled all the ways to retrieve your Kik password even without an email address. Now, let’s take a look at what you need to do in order to change your Kik password, without having to email, so that you have an account.

What Is Kik And How Does It Work

Before we get into the details for resetting your password let us first define what is Kik and what are the requirements that you have to meet in order to establish an account or change your account in Kik?

Kik is an online messaging platform that offers users the opportunity to connect to people from all over the globe. This app for messaging offers live chat, messaging, and many other features that make it a one-of-a-kind application to communicate with other users using it. To sign in as the primary user when you sign up for an account on Kik the app requires you to enter an email address to aid in logging in later within the application. It is crucial for resetting passwords and maintaining the app’s security. If you are able to, first, do not forget your Kik email address. If, however, a significant amount has passed in the time since your first login on Kik and you are required for a password reset, but without an email address, do not be concerned there is a chance.

How To Reset Kik Password Without Email?

If you’re thinking of resetting the Kik password without an email address, we’re sorry to inform you that it is not possible to do this. There is no feature in the Kik application that allows you to reset your Kik login password, without using your email address that is registered with the Kik email address.

There are however some other options to change your Kik password even if you’ve forgotten the email you used to sign up with. Take a close review of the options below, which are an effective way to gain your Kik password to be restored.

Try Entering All The Emails You Can Remember

The best option is to type in all emails you recall to get your password in Kik. It’s true that it takes lots of time, but however, it’s difficult to remember all of them all at once. It’s still worth giving it a go. Perhaps the email you have guessed could help you restore the password on your Kik login password. This is why you should ensure that you know which account you signed up with during the Kik sign-up procedure. Additionally, recollecting an earlier Kik registered email may assist you as the reason is discussed in the following.


Here’s the Kik customer service number: 1-800-479-6603. When you want to contact them, ensure that you reach them during business hours. They may not answer the phone during holidays or on weekends.

Reset Kik Password With Kik Username

If both the email and password have been lost and all of the options that are listed above do not work, you can change the Kik password using your username. Although this isn’t available as an in-built function of the app, however, you can make use of an outside platform to carry out this procedure. Follow the instructions in the following steps.

Step 1: Access Kik Password Reset Page

It is first necessary to access Kik’s website for resetting your Kik account’s password. If the page is not accessible by clicking the link, you need to type ”” onto the search bar of your browser and hit enter.

Step 2: Type In Kik Username

In the text box In the text field, enter your username for your Kik account.

Step 3: Click On Go

Then, click the Next, click on button that is located at the end of the text field. Be sure to confirm that you are using the correct username otherwise the procedure will fail.

Step 4: Check Mail Inbox

Then, sign in to your email which will be displayed at the top of the screen. You will then be able to examine the inbox for the email you have registered on the email address associated with your Kik account. If, however, you do not see the email, you can check in the spam folder also.

Step 5: Access Password Reset Link

After accessing the email, tap to open the Password reset link by pressing the “Change Password option on the link.

Step 6: Enter New Password

After that, you’ll need to input your new password in the field for text. Remember to enter the same password into the text field directly below it. If you do make a mistake in this area, the process won’t be completed.

Step 7: Click On Go And Confirm Password Reset

After that, click Click and confirm your password reset by entering the email address that you registered with. When you’re done you will get the ‘Password Reset Successful message.

Then, you can use the username, email, or a new password to sign back into your Kik account.

If you’re fortunate enough to locate your email address, then you could want to understand how in order to change the password on your Kik password, don’t you think? If so, continue going!

How To Reset Kik Password With Registered Email?

If you’ve forgotten you’ve forgotten your Kik account’s password, but remember you have your Kik-associated email, you’re lucky. It’s because you aren’t able to immediately reset your password without using the email address you have registered.

This is a step-by-step guide on how for resetting the password on your Kik password if you have your email address, or at least remember it. One step away from making new friends as well as getting in touch with the ones you already have. Kik friends.

*Note: You must utilize your Kik registered email to set your Kik password. It’s a must! It is not possible to reset the Kik account’s password on mobile devices. Therefore, you must use Kik on the web. Kik. ]

Step 1: Open Kik Website

To begin, visit Kik’s official website, and navigate to the section to reset passwords. If you’re not able to do this, simply click this link: hyperlink here. It will direct you to the page where you can reset your password.

Step 2: Enter Your Email Address Or Your Username

Then, enter your Kik email address registered with Kik within the white text area. After that, click the green Go button. Once you’ve completed the procedure, Kik will email the email with a reset link via email to the address you have provided. It is essential for you to have access to your email account as it is impossible to unlock your account without accessing Kik’s email.

Step 3: Open Your Email

Now, log into your account in email and examine for a new emails coming from Kik. It is possible to check in the inbox section. If you don’t see any emails coming from Kik within your email inbox go to your spam box.

It could take a couple of minutes to wait for the email from Kik to get to your address. Therefore, you should wait just a few minutes.

Step 4: Click On The Link

If you receive the email from Kik Open it and look for the link to reset your password. Click on the link. The link will redirect you to the new password reset page.

Step 5: Type New Password

Create a fresh username on your Kik account, and then verify the password. Be sure that your new password is simple to remember and it is difficult for anyone else to crack.

Step 6: Click On Go

Then, click The Click the button and you’ll receive an email with the words “Your password has been successfully changed.”

How To Change Kik Password [All Device]

It is easy to modify your Kik account’s password when you are aware of the steps required for how to do it. The most important part here is to be sure to remember the username or email that you need to change your password. Follow the steps below for changing your Kik password quickly.

Step 1: Launch Kik In Your Device

In the beginning, you must start the Kik app by pressing the app on your phone. After the app has opened then sign in using your credentials to log in into your account.

Step 2: Go To Settings

From the upper right-hand corner of the chat, menu Click on the Settings Gear icon.

Step 4: Go To Your Account

Choose”Your Account” from the top menu ” Your Account” option from the top of the list in the Kik settings.

Step 5: Select Change Password

After that, tap”Change Password” and then tap on the ” Change Password” option from the menu of choices.

Step 6: Enter a New Password

You must now enter in your ” Current password“, ” New Password“, ” Re-enter New Password” in the required fields. Follow the Kik guidelines and create a new password.

Step 7: Confirm New Password

Click on the ” Save” button located in the upper right-hand corner to Save the password changes, and then confirm the password change.

Why Is Kik Password Reset Not Working?

If you’ve ever found yourself in an instance where you were not able to access an email from the Kik login link to reset your password in the first place, or Kik account password reset isn’t sending an email the reason is that you entered the incorrect email address or have not used an appropriate Kik account. This is the reason you have to first make sure you have your correct email address.

Additionally, there could be issues with your internet connection, so make sure that you’re connected to a reliable internet connection when you are completing your password reset.

Also, you must enter the correct password when you set the password, or else the process won’t be completed. If you’re using another Kik account, you must verify the two accounts.

Always make sure you use the correct username when on the page for a password reset. If not, the process might not be successful or you may face issues when you reset the Kik passwords without the email address.

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