Why Samsung Galaxy S5 Unable To Charge: Here Are Easy Steps

In this article, we’re going to provide possible solutions that will help you fix your  Samsung Galaxy S5 charging problem. Samsung Galaxy S5 is a fantastic device with lots of options. Recently, however, numerous users have experienced Samsung Galaxy S5 not charging issues. The battery problem is a common problem with Samsung phones, and the S5 isn’t an exception.

There are many possible causes that could be the cause of this issue like the issue with the USB charger, loose connection to power, bent or damaged charging port on the phone or another device, etc. You must check each one.

Solutions to solve the problem Samsung Galaxy S5 not charging or slow charging issue

Method 1

Before you proceed I strongly suggest you find out the possibility that you’re Samsung Galaxy S5 was damaged by heat and the best way to fix it. How do you repair the problem of overheating on the Samsung Galaxy S5, which leads to the phone not charging?

  • The first thing to do is make sure you’re using the original chargers as chargers from other brands could differ in voltage parameters and can result in the Samsung Galaxy S5 not charging correctly.
  • Connect to charge your Samsung Galaxy S5 with an original Samsung Mobile charger However, do not turn off the phone. It may take a little longer to charge your phone. Once your phone has started charging it should show a charging icon shows up at the top of the screen. If however, no screen If this is the case, then Samsung Galaxy S5 not charging problem could be due to damaged charging cables or there’s an issue in your phone like your charger port has become damaged or bent or the contacts that charge the phone have not been cleaned.
  • To test the charger check the charger, charge another Samsung phone with the same charger, and check whether it’s working. If the phone you are charging is charged well the charger is in good working order. The next step is to check your phone.
  • Make sure you check the charging port of Your Samsung Galaxy S5. To verify your charging ports, use an illuminated flashlight and magnifying glass, and a toothpick pointed with a wooden handle. After that, see if the charging port is located in the middle and not title=”Consider changing one instance of this modifier. “>bent. In the event that you notice that the charging port is title=”Consider revision of one or more instances using this modifier. “>bent title=” Consider changing one instance of this modifier. “>then straighten it with the toothpick made of wood carefully.
  • Verify that the charging contacts are free of dirt. Sometimes, dirt can get into the charging port and causes a problem. Insert a small needle in the charging port and scrub it with care so that the port will not break or bend.
  • Method 2

    To fix the Samsung Galaxy S5 slow charging problem Download Samsung Charging Current and verify that your phone is charging to its full potential.

    Method 3

    It is recommended to update the software when the latest version is available because it could fix a variety of issues. How to do this:

    • Connect to Wi-Fi networks
    • Navigate to Settings
    • Tap About Device
    • Next Tap Software update
    • Tap Update.

Method 4

If the steps above don’t resolve the issue, start your Samsung Galaxy S5 into Safe mode to see if any third-party app is responsible for the issue. The third-party apps are disabled temporarily during safe mode. Here’s how to start the Samsung Galaxy S5 into Safe mode:

  • Switch off your mobile.
  • Hold and press the Power button
  • Press the Power button until you get “Samsung Galaxy S5” on the screen.
  • When you release the Power button, press the Volume Down button immediately, and hold it for a while.
  • Do not release the Volume Up button up to the point that the Samsung Galaxy S5 finishes restarting.
  • In the lower right corner, you will see the Safe mode will be shown.
  • Then release the Volume Down button.

When in Safe Mode, connect the phone and check whether it’s charging as normal. If so, an app from a third party is at fault, and you must either remove the apps one at a time until the issue is resolved or conduct a factory reset. If, however, the slow charging issue persists when you are in safe mode there’s nothing else to do other than to perform the factory reset (explained below). Before doing that, back up all data. This procedure erases all information.

Method 5

As we mentioned earlier in the previous paragraph, when you perform a factory reset, all your personal data such as personal settings, information, and third-party applications will be removed and, therefore, before proceeding ensure that you back up everything you consider crucial.

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Backup, then reset
  • Then, if you’d like then to go through the following options: Back up my data, backup account, and automatic restore
  • Tap Factory data reset now.
  • Tap Reset device
  • If you have set PIN codes, you will be required to enter it
  • Tap Continue
  • Tap Delete All.

Here Are Some Other Way To Solve This Problem:

If you are charging a smartphone, like the #Samsung #S5, you should always utilize the charger included with the device. The reason is the fact that this charger is specifically designed to deliver the correct amount of voltage needed to allow the device to charge. Third-party chargers may charge phones with less power, which makes the charging process longer or doesn’t charge the phone in any way. If the charger delivers a greater amount of power to the phone, it may also reduce the life of the battery or even damage it.

However, there are times when even using the original charger included with the phone, problems can persist. This is why in the most recent installment of the troubleshooting series, we want to address problems with Samsung Galaxy S5 being unable to charge using the original charger and other issues related to it.
If you have the Samsung Galaxy S5 or any other Android device please feel free to reach us via this contact form. We’ll be pleased to assist you with any issues you have regarding your device. This is a service that we provide without any commitments. However, when you contact us make sure to provide as much information as you can so that a correct evaluation can be conducted and the best solution is provided.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Unable To Charge Use Original Charger

Issue: “unable to charge. Use the original charger” message. It was found on Google. It won’t work with any charging source (but the Galaxy Tab A can). Restarted. Wiped Cache. Factory reset. The battery was removed. Called Verizon. Called Samsung. You can name it. Then it passed away. It seems to be a typical issue. Can you find a solution? Thank you for the help.

Solutions: If you already tried an initial reset as well as making use of different types of chargers ( likely with different chargers too) the issue may be due to a defective device’s hardware.

You can check the charging port on the phone to see if there is any evidence of dirt or other debris. Any foreign matter is known to hinder the charging process. If you need to, clean the port by using a container of compressed air or cotton buds dipped in alcohol.

If the issue persists you can try another battery in your phone.

If none of the above methods work, then I would suggest taking your phone to a licensed service center to be examined.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Does Not Charge When In Use

Trouble: My Samsung galaxy s5 charged fine while I was on it. However, it isn’t charging when I plug the cord in. It takes several days to charge fully even when I’m not connected to it. What’s the issue with it.

Answer: The best way to charge your phone is to allow it to be in charge without using it as it will accelerate the charging process. It is possible to utilize the phone while it’s charging, but the time it takes to fully charge your device will be more time-consuming. The issue you’re experiencing currently isn’t typical because the phone is refusing to charge when you’re not in use or it may require hours to fully charge even when it’s not being used.

To resolve this issue, it is best to replace the charger cord first since it can be damaged especially if it’s constantly bent or curled. You could also consider changing your wall-mounted charger. After that, clean the charging port on your smartphone. The presence of debris or dirt could hinder your phone’s charging capabilities.

Another reason that could cause this issue is your phone software. In this situation, I suggest you attempt wiping the cache partition on your phone. If the problem persists, then you should backup your phone’s data, then perform the factory reset.

Another thing you must be thinking about is replacing the battery on your phone. If the battery is defective, then it may also trigger this kind of issue.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Does Not Stay Powered On

Issue: My phone can not power on. I adhered to the steps described on your previous website of yours. I have followed all the steps listed on your website If it is unable to turn on. I would suggest taking it to the technician. It won’t stay on after all steps are taken. Do you need to do another step prior to returning the phone to Samsung since it’s less than one year old?

Solutions: If you already followed all of our suggested troubleshooting procedures for this kind of issue but with no outcomes, it may be a hardware-related issue.

To confirm, check the following list if you’ve already completed them

  • The phone should be put in Safe Mode
  • Switch to recovery mode and erase the cache partition.
  • In recovery mode, perform the factory reset ( backup copies of the data necessary)
  • Replace the battery on the phone.
  • Make sure that the charger port is clean on the phone.
  • Charge the phone by using another charging cable and wall charger, then switch on the phone when it is in the charging cable

Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Won’t Charge

Problem The phone was placed outside following a rainy night on the evening of Friday (March 11th, 2016). After placing the phone in rice (as I realized later that it wasn’t the most efficient option) I put in the old battery and switched it on. It worked perfectly for a couple of days until the day (March 14th) when I suddenly began experiencing issues like “battery won’t charge”, even being inside my pocket. I removed the battery and am waiting for an upgrade the next day. I’ll charge my original charger and see if it can help. If I find that I’ve got greater water damage than I originally thought What can I do? Thanks!

Solutions: In this case, it’s important to find out whether the battery is responsible for this issue. If this problem persists regardless of the battery installed, it’s possible that the rain may have caused damage to some parts of the phone. Check the charging port to see if there is any debris or dirt. If you need to, clean this port with a can of compressed air, or a cotton bud dipped in alcohol. If these steps don’t work, then I recommend having your phone examined at a reputable service center.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Gets hot Does Not Turn On

Problem Today (3/9/16) My S5 was sitting on my desk, but not utilized. I noticed that blue light in the upper left corner was blinking. I grabbed the phone. It was extremely hot to the contact. The phone wouldn’t turn on, so I placed it in the charger and it got hot. I changed batteries to my husband’s S5 and it did not come on. The first time it has occurred. I don’t use the internet when I am away from home and the apps are at an absolute minimum. There were no apps on – just the phone and text were active. Please assist.

Solutions: If your phone is extremely hot even when it’s not using it and gets hotter when connected to a charger, then it may be due to two factors. It could be a problem with a service or application is operating in the background and making the phone sweaty or it could be a hardware-related issue in which a part of the phone is becoming hot.

To resolve this issue, follow the steps below.

  • Get the phone’s battery along with the microSD ( If you already have one). Hold on the power switch for at least one minute. This will shut off the phone circuit and free up the RAM. Replace the battery, then switch it on. If it isn’t turning on, connect it to the outlet for at most 20 minutes before trying to get it to turn on.
  • Verify that you can boot your phone in Safe Mode. In this mode, only applications that are pre-installed can be run. If you’re able to access this mode, then an application could be responsible for this issue. Find out what the app is and then uninstall it.
  • Verify that you are able to access your recovery option. If you can, then you can wipe the cache partition on your phone.
  • You should check if you have access to the Recovery Mode. Make a uni-directional factory reset. Be aware that this could erase your phone’s data, so be sure to make backup copies of your data prior to doing this.

If the troubleshooting suggestions above don’t resolve the issue then I recommend you take your phone to a licensed service center to get it tested.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Does Not Boo T

Problem: I currently have the third Samsung 5 in five months. Just got a new model. Worked fine until yesterday, but now it doesn’t startup. The Samsung screen is on but then goes off. It then comes back up. Changed the battery. I have cleared the cache and tried booting into safe mode, but with no success. My third smartphone! How can I get this train out of my way?
Answer: Try taking out the phone’s battery and microSD card then hold and press on the power button at most one minute. Re-insert the battery and try to restart your phone. If the issue persists then make sure you enter the recovery setting. In this mode, you can erase the cache partition on the phone initially. If this doesn’t fix the issue, you should try the factory reset. Be aware that this reset deletes your phone’s data so ensure you have a backup copy prior to making the reset.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Reboots And Freezes

The problem I was playing candy crush and trying to buy an add-on item through Google rewards. I received a message and the center of the screen was one inch of the horizontal black line. The phone keeps rebooting each 30-second interval and freezes when it screams to reboot. There have been two instances of crackling sound, and three times it has been a completely or partially pixelated screen. The phone is refurbished with a month old and out of warranty. Att examined it and found the storage was depleted, I deleted several images and texts, and it kept going. I tried rebooting in safe mode, but at the moment, I could do it. It won’t restart. So I’m not sure what version of Android I am running. The blue led light is on, but the phone isn’t rebooting.

Solutions:I highly recommend a factory reset in this situation. Reset your phone using recovery mode. Note that this reset will erase your phone’s information therefore only do it in the event that you have backup copies of your phone’s data.

We invite you to contact us with your suggestions, questions or issues you’ve faced with the Android phone. We are able to support any Android phone that’s on the market today. We don’t charge one cent for any concerns. Contact us via the following contact form. We read every message we receive can’t guarantee a quick response. If we’ve been able to assist you, please help us share our articles with your contacts.

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