Best Web Browser For Your Roku

It was launched in 2008 and has been around since then. Roku is a well-known digital streaming platform that provides access to streaming media on a variety of platforms. However, when it comes to surfing, Roku only features a limited number of features. It may appear to be a disadvantage but it does not mean that Roku is less enjoyable.

Since Roku does not come with an integrated web browser that lets you browse the Internet We might offer some suggestions. Here are a few of the top web browsers available for Roku that can improve your browsing experience.

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Best Browsers for Roku

Let’s get started.

1. Opera

Opera offers a simple experience for browsing the internet using Roku devices. Like any other traditional web browser, to utilize Opera it is required to connect this streaming gadget to your Windows PC and use any keyboard that you can find to perform a search. The reason it’s one of the top applications to use with Roku is its lightweight and its speedier engine that responds to queries of users within the shortest amount of time is possible. Its seamless connection to VPN service, allows users to unlock unlimitable content on the internet in no time and protects their digital identity.


  • Straightforward UI.
  • Secure VPN to keep you safe.
  • Pop-up video feature on YouTube.
  • Web browsing is speedy and fast


  • The setup process takes some time and effort

2. Web Browser X

Undoubtedly one of the most effective web browsers available for Roku, Web Browser X is a basic user-friendly interface. However, if you’re trying to browse through media content or YouTube, will not be able to handle it. In terms of websites are involved, you can effortlessly visit web pages bookmark your favorite websites, and do many other things that involve simple browsing. To navigate websites it is easy to use links on the right and left, as well as the up and down buttons in the Roku remote.


  • Provides fully rendered pages, complete with clickable hyperlinks.
  • This program lets you save your homepage to allow you to surf the web with ease.
  • There are a few countries in which you can use the Roku browser at no cost.


  • Pages were rendered fairly well, even though the formatting is not perfect.
  • Old-fashioned UI.

3. POPRISM Web Browser

PRISM is another well-known web browser available for Roku which allows users to surf the Internet. But prior to deciding to utilize POPRISM, we’d advise you to don’t set your hopes too high. When it comes to the appearance of the user interface POPRISM provides a simple and basic look and feel. It has a more tactile design and feels and nothing that will grab your attention.

If you visit any website with text that is not formatted, the fonts may be slightly unformatted for other websites. The only thing is that there are a few websites that work to the POPRISM browser therefore if you search on any other site apart from that, you may need to strain reading the text.

Navigating through web pages is easily accomplished by using the up-down left and right keys in the Roku remote. To return on the screen that you came to you can use”Return” or the “Return” key.


  • Learn the fundamental Google research accessible on PRISM.
  • The web browser that uses text.
  • The free Roku Web browser.


  • No images/GUIs/CSS/JavaScript.

4. Web Video Caster

On our list of top internet browsers available for Roku is Web Video Caster. With Web Video Caster, you can browse websites, view TV programs, live streams, and much more. It’s a paid service that costs approximately 4.99monthly for a subscription but it’s well worth it.

Web Video Caster offers seamless support for Roku TV that can enhance your browsing experience. Audio and pictures can be supported and subtitles can be identified on the web page. You can also use the integrated search engine of


  • Apart from Roku It also additionally supports Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, DLNA receivers & more.
  • Premium version supports Bookmarks, Video History, Home screen shortcut, etc.
  • You can cast local videos saved on your mobile.


  • This extension does not work with tab casting as does Chromecast. Chromecast extension.

5. Media Browser for Roku

It is accessible through Roku and will permit you to browse the Internet without any hiccups and even on content-heavy sites. You must ensure that you have a Media Browser Server installed and connected to an internal network before you can make use of it. Click here to have the server running in your gadget. It continues to update the browser’s capabilities with small updates, such as live TV, Photo Slideshows, Remote Controls, Remote Controls from different Media Browser Apps & so on.


  • Control, browse and play all of your local television, movies, and music.
  • The user-friendly interface is easy to navigate and has buttons that are easy to use.
  • Offers a range of apps to stream media from a PC on a Roku-connected TV.


  • In essence, it’s an online video player.

6. The Roku Channel

The name comes from the device itself, The Roku Channel is the top web browser on the market at the present time that allows you to stream an array of content through its platform. You can not only surf the internet effortlessly, however, but you can also stream current news listen to music, and stream your preferred video. In contrast to other internet browsers that are available for Roku the streaming service uploads the majority of its content to Yahoo and keeps its users up to date with the latest content.


  • You can stream a selection of content from the platform itself
  • The site keeps users entertained by bringing up-to-date content periodically
  • The perfect mix of Internet streaming and surfing


  • Pay the premium for portions of the service.

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